Useful Tips For Hiring Landscapers

Useful Tips For Hiring Landscapers

If you want to make expansive changes to your property’s outdoor spaces or if you aren’t comfortable maintaining your yard yourself, you may choose to hire a landscaper. Here are some useful tips for hiring landscapers.

1. Keep Qualifications & Legal Requirements In Mind

Landscapers may need licenses to legally and safely work in certain jurisdictions or qualifications to perform certain types of work, such as yard grading. First, check whether your project or jurisdiction requires such paperwork. Then, make sure any landscapers you’re considering hiring can provide proof they have appropriate licenses and qualifications. Doing so will help keep you and your property physically and legally safe.

2. Ask How You Should Prepare

Basic lawn care and maintenance don’t require much preparation on the part of the property owner. However, if you’re hiring a landscape to do extensive work such as yard grading or regrading, you may need to do more to prepare. Talk to your landscaper about the work, the timing, the tools he or she will use and what he or she expects you to do to prepare and why.

3. Know What Type Of Service You Need

Not everyone wants or needs the same level of landscaping, so you should carefully review landscaping contractors in your area. Some landscapers may only provide lawn and plant care services such as pruning or mowing. These companies are called maintenance companies and may be run by sole proprietors. Other companies, called full-service companies, provide more comprehensive landscaping services. They include installation, design, construction and maintenance of previously installed or constructed items.

You and your landscaper should act as a team. Your landscaper needs to understand your vision and preferences so he or she can make it a reality. Both parties should be aware of the project’s goals and budget.

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