Updating Your Home’s Facade

Updating Your Home's Facade

Houses are built with a particular theme or a particular look in mind. This is especially true in neighborhoods that follow HOA guidelines. A house tends to lock in a certain theme that might be reminiscent of a previous era or it might just be considered modern and practical, but it will have design characteristics that represent the technology during the time of its building. Whatever your reason for wanting to update the curb appeal of your home, these are some areas to consider looking at first.

Changing Windows & Doors

Even if you live in a neighborhood that requires each house to look the same, updating the window grids and door frames usually isn’t a problem with the homeowner’s association. There’s really no better way to make a house stand out amongst other homes in the neighborhood. Window grilles and grids can force a new look that most people find desirable.

Updating The Roof

If your home is approaching 15 or more years since the last roof shingles were installed, it may be time to consider a new roof. In the past, most people just replaced the roof with the same colored shingles and called it a day. However, the roof can make a massive change in the way your home looks. Depending on the paint and color scheme for the rest of the home, the roof could be made a few shades lighter or darker to bring out the overall color theme better. Many homeowners are choosing lighter colors or even white roof shingles for better energy savings.

Washing Top To Bottom

Doing some research on modern house washing methods is a pretty good place to start when deciding on a pressure washing service. High-pressure washing is typically saved for the concrete driveway. Lower pressure washing is used for the roof and building, but if you have a pond near where the run-off from a house wash might flow towards, it’s important to let the service technician know. The chemicals from the house wash could get into the pond and mess some things up.

Designing New Landscapes

Nothing can make a home’s facade look different than a really well-done landscaping change. Adding bushes, updating gardens and planting some colorful plants to better match the home are all great ideas for making the property pop. It’s a good idea to put down grass fertilizer before springtime for that color-rich lawn year-round that your neighbors will envy. If you’re serious about investing in the property outside, speak with a landscape professional who can draw up designs for you to choose your new look.

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