UltraClear: The Ultimate Tabletop Epoxy

UltraClear Tabletop Epoxy

After many years of use, our furniture can begin to look worn and aged. However, there is a technique to stop this aging without having to buy new furniture. You can use epoxy to add a nice touch and shine to your furniture if it’s in wonderful condition but just needs a little maintenance. The effectiveness of epoxy in finishing your furniture will amaze you.

There are many epoxy finishes out there, but UltraClear tabletop epoxy stands out for several reasons.

Why Consider UltraClear Tabletop Epoxy?

No epoxy out there can be compared to UltraClear Epoxy. It has up to twice the clarity of regular epoxy giving it the clearest finish available. It is made from a distinctive polycarbonate blend and was designed to level itself at very great depths. With this product, you can make beautiful finishes with almost any know-how!

Due to its great resilience and ability to withstand moisture and normal wear and tear, UltraClear tabletop epoxy is one of the most commonly used and professional treatments for table countertops. The main advantages of this epoxy finish are:


Compared to paint and polyurethane, UltraClear Epoxy is stronger and more durable. It can withstand strong compression, such as that created when large objects are placed on it. Because of this, UltraClear Epoxy is a fantastic material for heavy-duty applications like dining tables.

Resistance To Moisture

UltraClear Epoxy does a great job of repelling moisture. This is perfect for dining tables that need daily cleaning and are often exposed to moisture.

Scratch Resistance

UltraClear Epoxy creates a solid surface that is ideal for counters and dining tables that get heavy use or are used by families with children as it is durable and difficult to damage.

Easy To Maintain

UltraClear Epoxy is easy to maintain and clean. The countertop can be cleaned in many ways without losing its shiny appearance. UltraClear Epoxy creates a non-reactive surface, making it perfect for countertops that will come into contact with many substances.


UltraClear Epoxy can be used to create a high-quality finish on a wide variety of materials and tabletop styles. In addition, it can be used to fix wooden tables.

How To Apply UltraClear Epoxy

UltraClear Epoxy is pretty easy to apply.

As a first step, make sure your furniture is in good condition and free from dents, scratches, and dings. If this is the case, you should sand down the flaws to prevent them from being visible through the clear epoxy coating. Give yourself enough time to complete this process, as your furniture may need complete sanding.

How To Apply UltraClear Epoxy

Be sure to surround the area where you will be applying the UltraClear Epoxy with wax paper or painter’s plastic before you begin applying the finish. This way you can be sure that any drops will not damage the nearby floor. To avoid damaging those around you, choose paper with a wax coating.

Be sure to tape or mask off the edges of the furniture as well. These are easily removable after the epoxy mixture has been cured.

Mix the resin and hardener, then get ready to start pouring the UltraClear Epoxy. When using epoxy for the first time, it is advisable to work in small batches. This way, you can reduce waste and get a feel for how the material is performing. Also, work at room temperature, as colder weather can affect the finish and cause blistering. You can use a space heater to bring the temperature up if necessary. Spread the UltraClear Epoxy mixture outwards after first pouring it into the center of the furniture. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions, as some mixes dry faster than others. Make sure to apply the mixture evenly to the item’s surface before refinishing it. When the object is dry, allow the UltraClear Epoxy to set before removing drips by scraping or sanding them. In one operation you have just updated your furniture and created a work of art.


If your countertop does not have an epoxy finish, it is now time to use UltraClear tabletop epoxy. After the application, the epoxy table will have increased strength and durability and will retain their aesthetics for a very long time.

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