Top Antique & Vintage Finds For 2022

Antique And Vintage Finds For 2022

In this day and age full of fast fashion and microtrends, it may come as a surprise to some that antiques and vintage couture are still very highly sought after. Along with the distinct lack of wanting to let go of a rose-coloured past, there is just no denying that items were just made better. More sturdy, more reliable, and in some cases, made to last.

Taking these things into account, it just makes sense that people want to get their hands on these treasures and bring them back right into the present.

This piece is going to take a look at some of the top antique and vintage finds that people have their eyes peeled for this year!

Vintage Clothes

There are many great reasons why people are looking out for vintage clothing instead of going to their local Next. Not only are vintage clothes still around because they have been made of extremely durable stuff, but they are also lightyears away from many mainstream styles that are ‘popping off’ with young’uns everywhere. Some people do not need everything to be cropped, and many also like their t-shirts to last more than one wash, which is why vintage can be such a treasure.

There is also something special about getting your hands on a piece that no one else has, especially in a fashion world where there appears to be little diversity.

Uranium Glass

Uranium glass has a magical property to it, despite us knowing the horrors behind that beautiful green glow. What is uranium glass, you ask? It is essentially vintage glassware that has a unique glow to it, thanks to the heavy metal used.

Thankfully, pieces such as uranium plates, cups, and sculptures are safe to have in the home and can bring a special something to your cabinet. However, it is worth noting that it is best not to eat or drink out of uranium dinnerware to prevent any possibility of ingesting any of the heavy metal. It is for decorative purposes.

Vintage Art

Art will forever be important to many cultures, and being able to get your hands on vintage art is a treat for the beholder. Not only does art offer many different stories, but it allows you to interpret whatever you see in your own way, giving it a new meaning. Some vintage art can be worth a lot of money, so if you are looking for pieces to invest in, you might want some additional guidance. However, many like to become owners of vintage art just to have a piece of history in their home that is unique to a time gone by.


Vinyl is not dead, and it is hard to imagine a world where it ever will be. Record players are still being made along with records, so finding old music or special additions for your player can be a joyous find for those who are into their music! You will enjoy the experience of having to switch over records rather than having to simply click a button.

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