Top 7 Benefits Of Pursuing A Business Degree

Pursuing A Business Degree

While deciding that you want to go to college is the first decision of many when it comes to your education, selecting what area you want to study may be the most difficult. Your choice of degree sets your career path, so it’s important to consider every angle. There are many benefits to pursuing a business degree.

1. Good Placement Rates

Whether you attend a traditional university or attend an accredited online college, it’s smart to check placement rates. Statistics should be available for various areas of study. Your field of study is only beneficial if you can successfully secure a job. The best business programs boast a 90% to 99% placement rate for graduates. High placement rates are tied to the flexibility of the degree.

2. High Potential Salary

A business degree can open the door to many different career paths. Not all of those jobs will be as lucrative as the next, but several offer high salaries. The top-paying careers such as marketing, sales, and financial managers earn a median annual salary between $130,000 and $145,000. You can increase your chances of better earnings by gaining work experience or pursuing an MBA in music business program.

3. Strong Job Security

Every industry has a business component. That means there will likely always be a demand for individuals with advanced business knowledge who can help build, lead, make decisions, and handle financials. Your business expertise may even help you hold your job during a recession. Following the 2009 recession, business school graduates still had an 86% placement rate.

4. Useable Skills

Earning a business degree encourages you to develop useable skills. You won’t just learn academic theories. Instead, courses will also teach you practical skill development. Your personal marketability will increase because your knowledge and abilities can be applied to many roles. From healthcare to education and manufacturing to hospitality, you can fit into whatever industry you choose.

5. Expandable Education

Working in business offers many opportunities for expanding your education. If you have an Associate’s Degree, it can be a great stepping stone for a Bachelor’s. You can talk to a college counselor about which credits will transfer. Electing to work towards a Master’s degree opens even more options and can often let you bypass entry-level positions.

6. Reliable Benefits

Benefits packages can be nearly as important as your salary when selecting a job. Great health insurance, paid time off, and a 401k will better your future. For business majors, those packages are often in reach. Your career flexibility will allow you to pinpoint companies with the best offerings. Larger companies usually have the best benefits as well as the most demand for business employees.

7. Upward Growth

When selecting an area of study, it’s smart to examine changes in the field. Business and financial operations have been growing for years. Between 2016 and 2026, the occupations are projected to increase 10%.

Pursuing a degree in business offers a plethora of benefits. If furthering your education is in your future, you may want to consider business as a strong contender.

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