Tips On Choosing The Right Bakery Display Cases

Choosing The Right Bakery Display Cases

When choosing a bakery display case, you should consider refrigerated cases, curved glass, light interiors, and forced air systems. These features make the display case more attractive than ordinary glass. Also, add an audio system to your display case.

Refrigerated Bakery Display Cases

Refrigerated bakery display cases are used in delis, sandwich shops, and other food establishments to showcase sweet treats. These units are often designed with rotating units to create a presentation. Refrigerated bakery display cases are also available in models with forced-air refrigeration, which circulates cold air throughout the cabinet. This type of case also comes with a cooling coil at the top.

Both types of refrigerated display cases are great for displaying baked goods in front of the store. Both styles offer convenience to customers as they’re typically small and can fit on a countertop. They also have the added advantage of self-service capability, increasing sales and profitability. However, these cases are not ideal for storing food over a long period, so they need frequent refreshments; refrigerated cases are generally more expensive than ambient models.

Curved Glass

A bakery display case has two basic types of glass: straight and curved. Although the former is more traditional, curved glass cases are the most popular choice. Curved glass displays are easier to clean than straight ones and give your customers a better view of your products. Curved cases also provide more room for viewing. In addition, curved glass cases can be adjusted to provide the best viewing angle for your items.

Federal Industries offers several different types of curved glass bakery display cases. They allow maximum visibility and capacity for a wide variety of baked goods. The Curved Glass display showcases fresh foods with style and ease. These models have removable rear doors, shelf lights, and shelf supports. The 36-inch model includes two swing doors, and both models are available in six standard laminate finishes. In addition to curved glass, many Federal Industries deli cases are available with adjustable shelves.

Lighted Interiors

Lighted interiors of bakery display cases are a great way to highlight your baked goods. They often come with multiple glass shelves that allow customers to see the items better and increase sales. Lighted interiors are great for cafes and bakeries. Let your customers know what they can expect when buying your products!

A good bakery display case can make all the difference in your baked goods. Whether they are cakes or pies, having an excellent bakery display will help boost sales. Choose one with adjustable shelves and a curved glass front to attract customers’ attention. These cases also feature sliding back glass doors so that employees can serve their customers without having to leave the display case. And don’t forget to choose a case that features casters!

Forced Air Systems

Refrigerated bakery display cases are used to keep products cool and showcase them at the point of sale, thereby boosting impulse sales. They are available in two types: required air and gravity coil. Forced air systems circulate cold air throughout the cabinet, which can dry out pastries. Gravity coil refrigeration works the same way as your home refrigerator, dropping cold air onto the products from above. Gravity coil refrigeration is generally less expensive than forced air systems.

In contrast, forced-air refrigeration utilizes fans to circulate cold air throughout the display case. This cooling method is more suitable for prepackaged items and bakery goods. However, it can also dry out some items when left in the case for too long. Thus, refrigerated bakery display cases are often referred to as such.

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