This Is Why You Should Visit Kitchen Showrooms Before A Renovation

Visit Kitchen Showrooms Before A Renovation

So you’ve made the decision to undertake a kitchen renovation. What do you do now? Start brainstorming, but where do you even begin that process? With the wall colour? Storage? It’s understandable if you’re overwhelmed. Kitchen renovation is a huge and daunting task. It’s a financial investment so it’s important to get right, and if you need inspiration, heading to a showroom is the best idea. 

If you don’t know which showroom to head to, the best choice in Australia is the Australian Kitchen Co, they offer you a kitchen showroom that is full of inspiration for the kitchen renovators out there.

But if you’re still on the fence, here’s why people love coming to kitchen showrooms: 

Just Get Inspiration

Kitchen renovations shouldn’t be a confusing prospect, but it is hard to get inspiration when there’s a lot of information out there. If you need inspiration, heading to a kitchen showroom will give you an idea of what you like and what you don’t like. From here, you can just start planning around these ideas.

Feel The Textures

Does any layman really need to know the difference between marble, granite, timber, steel and stone? The answer is no, but you do need to know the difference between these when making a choice on what to use in your kitchen. 

This is because each bench top has different properties, different care and durability times, and even different finishes. So before you start making massive decisions, you can feel the textures yourself, and the staff in the showroom will be more than happy to explain the care of each material, so you can make a choice you’ll love. 

Understand The Kitchen Zones

Times have changed since back in the 1950’s when the kitchen work triangle was the design of choice. Nowadays kitchens are designed with a variety of zones. This includes a preparation zone, a clean-up zone, a cooking zone, a storage zone and an eating zone. If you want to see different options of how these zones are put together, and even imagine yourself using them, a kitchen showroom is a great idea. 

See Helpful Storage Options 

The cutlery divider was once the epitome of kitchen drawer storage and organisation. But now, kitchens come with all sorts of hidden storage features to make life easier. You can have pan storage, pull-our pantry systems, butlers pantries, electric opening systems and many more. To see which ones would work for you, a showroom is a smart option.  

Understand Kitchen Lighting

LED lighting has recently gained momentum in kitchens and can be used above work surfaces and in furniture. When you go to a showroom the difference between cool and warm lights as well as their different installation methods. There isn’t just general lighting anymore, there is cabinet lighting, task lighting, door-activated lighting and even mood lighting if you need it. 

Get Guidance On Appliances

When you go to an electrical store, they will probably encourage you to buy whatever will get them the best commission and tell you about its features and benefits. It is often the device that makes them the most profit that month, and the next month it is different. You want them to understand what’s important to you and how you cook, not what’s good for the employee. This is why you go to a showroom, you can see how different appliances work in different places, and if you choose a good renovation company, they can personalise your appliance choice for your specific needs.  

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