Things You Wish You Knew About A Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodel

Before you dive in head first to a kitchen remodel, there are several things you need to know. First, you must decide how you’d like to arrange your kitchen and then decide what plumbing needs to be relocated. This will affect the flow of the room. Next, consider how you want to use the space, and ask yourself, “why?”

Moving To Plumb

Whether planning a complete kitchen remodeling or adding a new sink, you may need to relocate the plumbing lines. Fortunately, they can move most plumbing up to three feet, but longer distances may require plumbing pipes to be extended. Push-fit fittings make moving water supplies much more accessible. Make sure you have enough space to move the drain pipe pitch and the vent pipe. If you don’t have room for extended plumbing lines, consider hiring a plumber. In a kitchen remodel Livona, using a professional kitchen remodeling contractor is one of the most critical steps for a successful kitchen renovation. Professional planning is essential for a smooth process and prevents many significant headaches later. For instance, moving the sink may require significant plumbing changes and may not fit in your allotted space. A contractor can give you a professional opinion and help you make an informed decision about what is feasible for your kitchen remodeling.

A plumber with extensive experience is highly recommended for kitchen remodeling projects. Not only can he help you plan the project, but he can also help you locate and relocate any plumbing that may need to be moved. He can also help you choose the best plumbing materials, and layout for your new kitchen remodel. It is always best to work with a plumber familiar with the region and local building codes. You can easily find a professional plumber by inputting your zip code and city.

Cleaning A Remodeled Kitchen

The first step in cleaning a remodeled kitchen is to ensure it is entirely and thoroughly dust free. The remodeling team may not have cleaned the space properly, so you must throw out everything they’ve left behind. You can also vacuum the area to eliminate fine dust and grime. Adding fresh kitchen supplies to the space will also enhance its look. A deep cleaning may include exterior cabinet door cleaning, pantry cleaning, and underneath appliances.

Once the walls have been thoroughly cleaned, you can turn your attention to the cabinets, which contain all the utensils and food used to prepare your meals. Depending on the type of material your cabinets are made of, you should be very thorough when cleaning them. After cleaning them, you should allow the room to air out and re-line them with a new layer of lining. You can also clean the air vents, which are often full of dust during renovations. To ensure adequate air circulation in your kitchen, you should replace the filters.

When cleaning a remodeled kitchen, countertops are usually the first part to go. If you’ve chosen a stone countertop or granite, you should clean them thoroughly with a bar of mild soap and warm water. Be sure not to use acidic or abrasive cleaners, as they can damage the sealant or stone. And remember, it is a good idea to hire a professional crew to help you with the post-renovation clean-up.

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