The Top Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

Your electrical panel might seem like a minor thing in the big picture of your home, but it plays an important role. For example, if your panel still uses fuses or has a warm-to-the-touch surface, it needs an upgrade.

Here are six telltale signs that it’s time to give your panel the upgrade it deserves.

Flickering Or Dimming Lights

Flickering lights are not only irritating to live with, but they can also indicate that there is a serious problem. If your home is prone to flickering light issues, consider having an electrician look at your house’s electrical system.

If your home has an older electrical panel, it may need help to handle the demands of modern appliances. If you find that your circuit breakers are frequently tripping, this could be a sign that the system is overloaded and requires electrical panel changes St. Louis, MO.

An old electrical panel may use fuses instead of breakers to direct electricity. While fuses were innovative for their time, they are now a fire hazard and should be replaced immediately.

Burnt Odors

Your electrical panel is like the heart of your home’s electricity, pumping power through the wires so that all the appliances and lights can function. But just like your body’s circulatory system, your panel must be in good shape to perform its job.

If you notice a burning smell when opening your electrical panel, it is a sign that it is too hot and should be replaced immediately. It can also mean that the plastic jacket of one of the wiring is melting, which poses a fire hazard.

An electrical panel upgrade is often needed when renovating your home or adding new appliances, such as a water heater or air conditioner. This increased electricity demand can cause your existing electrical panel to overheat and trip breakers frequently.

Tripping Breakers

If you are constantly resetting your breakers, it’s a sign that you need to upgrade your electrical panel. This could mean that you are running out of circuits or that your home is reaching the maximum capacity of your current panel. This problem can be solved with a little work, such as putting more devices on dedicated circuits, but it may be time for a bigger fix, like a panel replacement.

Additionally, suppose your circuit breaker trips when you plug in certain appliances, such as the microwave or hair dryer. In that case, your panel likely needs an upgrade to handle these heavy electricity loads. A professional electrician can check your breaker box to see what upgrade you need.

Lack Of Outlets

Your electrical panel is like the heart of your house, pumping electricity to the circuits that carry power to outlets and appliances throughout. When the system starts to fail, it is a major fire hazard and can put your family in danger.

Upgrading your breaker box can increase the amount of amperage that it supplies. This allows for more devices to be used safely in your home.

If you must use extension cords to run your appliances, it’s time to upgrade. They are tripping hazards, and the cords can become kinked, overheat, and cause an electrical fire. Upgrading your breaker box can provide more outlets, so you don’t need to run extension cords throughout your home. This makes your house more organized and reduces fire risks.


As the point at which incoming electricity becomes the various circuits of your home, your electrical panel plays an important role in your convenience and safety. Unfortunately, older panels can become worn out and perform differently than they should.

If your breaker box feels warm or hot to the touch, this could indicate a problem with the panel. The wire insulation may be melting or burning, which is a fire hazard, and requires one of our electricians to come out and inspect it as soon as possible.

If you are tired of constantly flipping your breaker, it is likely time to get it upgraded to a higher amperage.

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