The Revolution Of Low-THCA High CBD Flower

The Revolution Of Low-THCA High- CBD Flower

When it comes to cannabis components, historically, delta-9 THCA has taken the lead well, and for a while, it was the only cannabinoid that people were aware of. THCA has been used for many years in palliative care for cancer patients and those needing assistance with appetite stimulation, nausea relief, chronic pain relief, and general suffering reduction. A general lack of research and education about thca flower online and other cannabinoids likely led to a situation that resulted in both cultivators and cannabis consumers favoring high-THC strains.

CBD Steps Onto The Spotlight

Over ten years ago, the Stanley brothers in Colorado developed a cannabis strain with a high CBD/low THC content, which sparked the public’s interest in CBD for the first time. The strain, formerly known as “hippies disappointment” (because of the complete absence of high it created), was quickly renamed Charlotte’s Web after effectively treating a young girl’s severe and complex case of Dravet’s Syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy.

The little girl’s frequency of seizures decreased from about 300 per week to two or three per month after taking daily dosages of this high CBD strain. Charlotte’s life was changed by the high-CBD cannabis variety created by the Stanley brothers, which moved from being one hippie’s disappointment to another person’s savior in less than a month.

As soon as this good news spread like wildfire, other parents began swarming to Colorado, where cannabis use for medical purposes became legal in 2000 and for recreational purposes in 2012, to obtain this purported miracle treatment for uncommon and challenging-to-treat forms of epilepsy.

Therapeutic Benefits Of CBD

Nevertheless, emerging anecdotal data indicates that CBD didn’t just help those with seizures.

Also, scientists have been researching CBD for many years at this point. Although a large portion of the research was preclinical (done in the lab and on animals), the evidence strongly suggested that it had many positive qualities, including easing anxiety and pain symptoms, promoting sound sleep, and enhancing mood and mental clarity. 

The first CBD medication to receive FDA approval, Epidiolex, was prescribed in 2017 to treat a few distinctive forms of epilepsy. Undoubtedly the first of many cannabis medications.

Legalization Leads To Better Availability

As long as cannabis in any form (including hemp) remained illegal on a federal level, access to CBD flower was restricted for personal use and research. As the Farm Bill distinguished hemp from marijuana in 2014 as cannabis with a THC concentration of 0.3% or less, the position for CBD began to alter. Later, in 2018, the federal government authorized industrial hemp and all of its derivatives.

Following legalization, the number of hemp growers, CBD extraction facilities, and CBD hemp flower companies rose quickly, and suddenly CBD appeared everywhere, online and in-store.

The Rise Of Low THCA CBD Flower Strains

It’s no secret that people have used cannabis for many years to treat everything from nausea to arthritis. Still, more recently, the availability of high CBD hemp flower strains has made it possible for consumers to enjoy cannabis’ therapeutic advantages without getting high.

Many people who appreciated the sensation of smoking this aromatic plant, even seasoned smokers who no longer enjoyed getting high or didn’t want to be high all the time, were drawn to the high CBD hemp strains because they had robust terpene profiles.


High-CBD flower has completely changed the health and wellness business in just ten short years, and as CBD research, knowledge, and education continue to grow, so does the explosive growth of low THC high CBD flower strains.

The usefulness and accessibility of hemp flowers are both extremely genuine. Consumers are only now aware of the possibility of creating their own CBD products at home, utilizing recipes for homemade candies, lotions, and oils.

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