The Biggest Blowouts In Super Bowl History

The Biggest Blowouts In Super Bowl History

Who doesn’t love to see blowouts happen in the Super Bowl, especially when it’s your favorite team? If you didn’t know, a blowout is when a team outscores another team by a large margin, allowing little to no chance of victory.

The Super Bowl has been around for many years and has created numerous blowouts in history. This page discusses the biggest and most spectacular blowouts, including what happened in 1990 at the Super Bowl XXIV.

Super Bowl XXIV

On January 28, 1990, Super Bowl XXIV was considered the most memorable blowout in NFL history. In this Super Bowl game, teammates Jerry Rice and Joe Montana worked together, connected about seven times, and scored three touchdowns. Joe Montana finished the game and got a significant lead against the Broncos by connecting 22 or 29 tosses for 297 yards, which is about 271.577 meters.

Montana also then recorded about five touchdown passes in this game. Thanks to this, Montana compiled a passer rating of 147.3, the second-highest passer rating in all of Super Bowl history. The Super Bowl XXIV is undoubtedly a match to remember.

The 49ers did all this against the team with the strongest defense strategy in the league. Denver played great in the previous years. However, in the 1990 game, John Elway couldn’t save the Broncos from losing. Elway had a 19.4 passer rating, among the lowest ratings in NFL history, the third lowest to be exact. But Elway is still considered a legend due to his impact in ending the AFC’s constant losses in the 1997 Super Bowl, where they went home victorious against the Packers.

Indeed, the Super Bowl XXIV back in 1990 was the second Super Bowl win for the 49ers, where they scored 55 points, whereas Denver only scored 10 points. Fans can agree that it was quite a showdown between Montana and Elway. This marked a team’s highest point total in the Super Bowl. He was named the Super Bowl MVP after his great performance during this game.

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Super Bowl XX

In the 1986 Super Bowl, the New England Patriots shocked the Dolphins and Dan Marino, the only team to beat the Bears that NFL season in the AFC Championship games. The Chicago Bears were known to have one of the best defenses in the league’s history. After a Walter Payton fumble, the Patriots were leading by an early field goal – and this is where it all went down at the Super Bowl.

It was when the Chicago Bears’ legendary defense strategy dominated the New England Patriots that tied a Super Bowl record with both seven sacks and rushing yards. This was considered the fewest abandoned by a team in this Championship game’s history.

Additionally, to ensure that the other team couldn’t win more points, William Perry, the defensive lineman of the Bears, took a handoff and smashed in for touchdown points. This gave the Chicago Bears a high lead. The total points at the end of the game were 46 points for the Chicago Bears and 10 points for the New England Patriots.

Super Bowl XLVIII

The Super Bowl on February 2, 2014, was supposed to be a battle between the best offense and defense during the NFL’s 2013 season. However, only the best defense was shown in the game. This was a game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos, and they dominated the Broncos by a score of 43 points.

On its first play, a seemingly bad omen occurred when Manny Ramirez, a center, snapped the ball while Peyton Manning, a quarterback, was “calling an audible” due to the defensive lineup changes. This resulted in the ball flying to the end zone for safety.

The Seahawks intercepted Peyton Manning twice during the first half and continued to take the lead at halftime. Smith finished with about 10 tackles, returned an interception for a touchdown, recovered a fumble, and more. Thanks to this, Malcolm Smith was one of the only seven defensive players to win a Super Bowl MVP honor back then. Two years later, Manning got another MVP title as an Indianapolis Colts player.

Final Thoughts

Blowouts in professional sports are rare, but they’re usually a spectacle when they do happen. What’s even rarer is when blowouts happen on the biggest stages, say, for example, the Super Bowl. Above are some of the most known blowouts throughout Super Bowl history. Whether it’s the condition of the players, the weather that day, or simply just a stroke of bad luck, these blowouts and the teams involved are forever etched on the minds of every NFL fan.

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