Stylish Baby Clothes: 4 Pro Tips For New Parents

Stylish Baby Clothes

New parents may find it pretty overwhelming to select the right clothes for their baby in the initial stages. Though dressing babies may seem minimal and straightforward, first-time parents can find it difficult to ace the perfect bodysuit fit in the very first shot. Even if you have the perfect baby closet stacked, finding the right clothes can again be arduous. Moreover, you need to consider the climate, occasion and your baby’s mood when dressing up your little one. For instance, baby shorts are best for summers and for those days where your little one is too fussy for a jumpsuit.

How To Dress A Baby Effortlessly?

According to a recent survey, Australians spend around $800 on baby clothes in the very first year, after which the figure gradually rises. Irrespective of whether the baby is a boy or girl, some typical tips can help you. Dressing a baby starts from finding the right clothes, pairing them up with complementary pieces or accessories and getting on board. Given below is a list of tips and guidelines to follow to turn into an expert baby dresser,

1. Consider The Climate

You will only have to juggle between winters and summers when it comes to dressing your babies. Other seasons or climates like monsoons might not be significant until you take your little one outdoors. For summers, the best combinations are cotton clothes, possibly a tee and a pair of shorts or trousers. One-piece PJs can also be a mindful option, but ensure the fabric is breathable and sweat-wicking. Try picking sleeveless tees and mini rompers to add more comfort and air circulation to your baby’s body.

On the other hand, during winters, never forget to add extra clothing layers. Bodysuits and sleepsuits are the best to choose for winters and cold nights. Ensure you change the diapers regularly during winters. Hence, pick clothes that give quick access to diaper changes.

2. Choosing Two-Piece Clothing

Going one piece can be a boring fashion idea with baby clothes. However, as your baby passes the newborn stage, you will have to hunt for two-piece clothes and thus, finding the perfect pair is essential. Though most suits come in pairs, you always have the freedom to mix and match pieces (provided it gets along with each other).

You can always match a graphic printed tee with a pair of vibrantly coloured baby shorts. If you have switched to baby denim, you will have versatile options. Denim goes perfectly well with printed, textured and solid tees/tops. One quick tip is to choose patterns over solid hues. Choose patterns from the same palette to create a streamlined but rather messy look.

3. Implementing The Oversized Fashion

Oversized fashion is not just for adults. Moreover, picking bigger sizes and sizing up for babies ensures that the clothes that serve your kid last longer than usual, making oversized clothing a practical fashion idea. You can easily pick an oversized cartoon tee for your baby boy for summers so that he feels comfy in his diapers alone! Bigger clothes can also double up as one piece clothes when accessorised with belts.

4. Accessorising Helps

You will be surprised to find versatile baby accessories, from belts for boys to headbands for baby girls. It takes some effort to find the right ones, but it also helps in pulling off a great look in any event. Baby beanies, mittens and booties can also be fashionable accessories when you pick from soft knits. Consider adding some baby socks or a pair of chunky, cute shoes, even when indoors. Such add-ons can help create the perfect photoshoot look without much effort and pain.


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