Steps To Becoming Investor Ready For Video Game Funding

Video Game Funding

A game investor will want to know why your video game is worth investing in. To convince them, you must make a presentation that shares crucial information about your project.

Investors search for organized teams and studios that have business knowledge. They also search for a well-structured budget, a revenue split, and clear intellectual property ownership.

Create A Product Roadmap

Game investors are not only interested in your IP and the potential for it to become a hit, but they also want to see that you have a clear roadmap and plan of action for how you intend to spend the money they will lend. Create a presentation that details the various components of your video game project and how you intend to use them within the timeframe allotted for your investment. This should include your key milestones and a schedule for when you expect each component to be completed. Make the presentation visually appealing to encourage the assessors to view it to its end and understand your vision for the game’s genre, setting, and audience.

Using a purpose-built product road mapping tool with tags and filters makes it easy to socialize the correct version of your product roadmap for any given audience. This is especially important when presenting to execs who are less concerned with specific features than the strategic value of the initiatives and how they will help capture the market. It’s also a great way to manage expectations and highlight any risks.

Create A Pitch Deck

If you seek investors for your video game project, you must prepare a pitch deck. A pitch is a brief presentation that describes your project and highlights its key features. It should be concise enough to capture the interest of potential investors without overwhelming them with too many details at once.

The pitch should include your studio’s mission and vision, team members, and a list of accomplishments to help build credibility. It should also explain what you hope to achieve with the investment and your financial projections for the future.

Investors want to know that the game they are backing will be in demand on the market and will provide them with a positive return on their investment. They will also want to see a clear roadmap for the project’s development and that it is realistically achievable within the timeframe they have proposed.

Remember that investors may be less enthusiastic about your project than you are. Try to anticipate their objections or questions to prepare quality responses ahead of time.

Create A Budget

When investors see a project budget, they can get an idea of how much the video game will cost. This is one of the most essential steps to becoming investor-ready because it allows you to provide transparent financial projections that inspire confidence and trust in potential investors.

A well-planned budget can also help you determine whether or not your video game will be profitable. This will allow you to identify any necessary changes that can be made before it’s too late.

You can approach many types of investors for video game funding, including angel investors, venture capitalists, crowdfunding, or strategic partners. Finding an investor that is a good fit for your company and aligns with your vision is essential.

Developing a budget is an essential step for any video game developer. Use a tool to plan tasks and assign costs with ease. Streamline teamwork and automate assignments while enjoying complete budget performance control with Gantt charts.

Build A Team

You’ve got a great idea for a video game that you believe can change the world. You’ve even developed a prototype to prove your game is viable and has a market. What you still need is funding to bring your game to fruition.

Before seeking out investors, you should build a team to create your game. Start by clearly defining the type of game you want to develop and who your target audience is. This will help you determine the types of skills that your team needs. For example, you may need a programmer, an artist, a sound designer, and a project manager.

Investors will want to see the resumes of your team members and the projects they’ve worked on before. This will show potential investors that you’re organized and capable of delivering quality work within a specific timeframe. You’ll also need a dedicated QA tester to find bugs before your product is released to the public.

Create A Marketing Plan

Creating a marketing plan is an essential step for any game developer. This can help you establish your vision and goals and guide your decision-making.

To get the attention of game investors, it is essential to prepare a presentation that highlights your video game’s unique features and its potential market. This presentation should include details of the game’s genre, type, setting, and target audience. It should also mention which platforms you intend to launch the game and how you will monetize it.

Contact venture capital firms specializing in gaming and technology if you seek investors for your video game project. You can also attend gaming and technology conferences to meet potential investors.

Investors are looking to back projects that have a high chance of success and will benefit them in the long run. To stand out, you should develop a business model demonstrating your team’s expertise and skills in the industry. It would help if you also clearly understood the video game market, including its competition and demand.

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