Sports Hemp Oil Balm: A Revolutionary Product For Athletes?

Sports Hemp Oil Balm

The life of a sportsperson is not easy, be it on-field or off-field. They require continuous practice all day long to support their team. However, while doing all the hard work, they may experience injuries which can affect their athletic career, efficacy and ability to perform at best for a longer period of time. 

Therefore, an instant solution is required to lessen the pain and ultimately heal any swelling or wound effectively. And for that purpose, hemp oil sports balm has shown promising results to treat anybody-related pain or wound. Want to know how a hemp balm can benefit you? Keep reading.

Benefits Of Hemp Oil Balm

A handful of products are available that claim to benefit athletes in many ways without any side effects. But only a few of them live up to it, and hemp oil sports balm is one of them. It helps provide instant results with long-lasting relief. However, below we have shared a few more benefits of hemp oil balm.

  • Hemp oil sports balm is specifically formulated with ingredients to relieve any pain instantly. And heal any ache, wound or sprain, so that one can perform his day-to-day activities easily.
  • Even a search suggests that hemp oil balm may help reduce inflammation, pain and provide post-workout relief.
  • Hemp oil balm not only heals your skin but helps heal skeletal injuries and protect you against gastrointestinal damage.
  • Also, it may help improve mental health by relieving stress and anxiety through aroma and a good amount of application.

Main Ingredients

As this sports balm includes hemp oil, it is considered the most organic product that can heal you without any side effects. However, the main ingredients that are used in this balm are:

  • Peppermint/menthol
  • Water green oil
  • Broad-spectrum CBD/Hemp oil (50mg), etc.


To use, simply take an adequate amount of balm and gently rub it on the affected area and let it work. However, if you require more intense effects, you can apply more formula to enhance the effects. As it contains coconut oil & shea butter, it will moisturise your skin as well.

Additionally, cover your affected area with cotton or a bandage if you want to have better results. Else, if you are not comfortable with bandages, avoid exposure to room temperature and keep your affected area warm.

Will It Show Up In A Drug Test?

Usually, the main concern of any athlete is to stay away from products that contain drugs. Therefore, it becomes essential for them to check whether the CBD or hemp product they are using contains THC/Marijuana or not. 

However, most of the CBD products contain THC strains (0.3) that do show up in the drug test so, if you wish to avoid drug tests altogether, it’s best to go for a broad-spectrum or isolated product.


Hopefully, our article was informative and helped guide you regarding hemp oil sports balm and its benefits. However, we recommend you consider the guide given above for a more detailed overview.

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