Soccer Field Tips & Tricks

Soccer Field Tips And Tricks

Soccer field maintenance is very important. In case of any damage or wear and tear on the playing surface, there will be more chances to lose a game and lose points. This can be a big disaster for the team and the coach. If the field is not well maintained, it will also create difficulties during the games. So, here are some turf maintenance Everett tips that coaches and teams can use.

Measure The Area

If you measure the total area of your soccer field, then divide the total area by ten feet. It would be better to have twenty-four yards of the end zone, fifteen yards of the middle zone, ten yards of the backline, and eight yards of the goal line. You should be aware that the goal line should be one yard away from the sidewalls and ten yards from the goals.

Check The Length

One of the soccer field maintenance tips is checking the length of the touchlines. Usually, there are three types of touchlines in a field. These are long, short, and thorough. The long touchlines start from the middle of the field going toward the far corners. These are usually indicated with yellow stripes while the short ones are blue in color. When a ball crosses these touchlines, the referee will signal a foul.

Use An Overhead Camera

Another way to check out the length of the goal lines is by using an overhead camera. Usually, you need to see at least three corners of the goal line before you can signal for a foul. This is why it is advised to have soccer officials constantly monitor the corners of the goal line.

Understand Penalty Areas

During soccer games, there are many opportunities to score goals. This is why it is important to keep the ball safe and out of the penalty area. There are usually two penalty areas in a field. The first is the center point where the referee will place the ball to decide if a goal has been scored or not. The other is the middle of the field where the soccer players are positioned.

Find The Centerpoint Of The Field

For this reason, you must always be aware of the center point and the middle of the field. Remember that the goalkeepers are the most important people in the game so they should always be on top of their game. As the keeper, you have to make sure that you have full control over the ball during the kick. You can also use the towel or arm to push the ball back towards the goalie to prevent the defense to take control of the ball.

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