Simple Ways To Save Money On Auto Transport

Save Money On Auto Transport

Although many people think that professional auto transport is prohibitively costly, it is not. In fact, you enjoy significant cost savings compared to DIY car shipping as well as greater convenience, peace of mind, and safety. Whether you want to transport your truck to your new workstation or a vintage car to a rally in another state, here are simple and effective ways to put money back into your wallet.

Smart Timing

When it comes to auto transport, timing is king and can save you many bucks. Avoid the peak season –April to September, when most people are migrating. As demand soars during this period, so do the prices. You can save big on Florida to Pennsylvania auto transport by considering low-demand times in fall and spring. While winter looks like an off-peak season, auto transport costs may be high due to inclement weather.

Be Flexible With Shipping Dates

If you can’t leverage the low season, you can exercise flexibility with your shipping dates to save money. Rather than settling for a convenient date, you can opt for a day that works best for the auto transport company. This may mean your vehicle takes longer to get to you, and you may incur alternative transport costs.

Opt For Open Transport Trailers

Typically, you choose between open and enclosed trailers when transporting your vehicle, with different costs. While open transport trailers don’t provide much privacy and protection against the elements, they are cheaper and thus ideal for persons on a budget. Regular cars will do well in open trailers since they are more available and affordable.

Consider Terminal-To-Terminal Transportation

Although most people prefer to have their vehicle picked up and delivered to their address, terminal-to-terminal transport can be more affordable and save you money. In this method, you will drive your vehicle to a terminal nearest your home for loading.

Similarly, the auto company delivers the car to a terminal near your new address. It cuts miles off your trip, reducing transport costs substantially. Proper planning is vital for this method of working, from transport to and from the terminal and enquiring about any storage fees incurred.

Ship Multiple Cars

Shipping many cars at a time can earn you a good deal. Business owners can gain tremendously from this strategy, especially if shipping multiple vehicles to one customer or relocating a dealership. The auto transporter saves time and miles and may pass the cost savings on your quote.

Look For Discounts

Most auto transport companies offer discounts to increase competitiveness and help customers save money. Some have discounts for military members, senior citizens, students, and returning customers. If you are a student moving to study in another region, a student ID can attract a good discount.

Shop Around

Do not settle for the first auto shipper you come across; research multiple companies and get quotes from a few. Choose the company providing the best value, not necessarily the most expensive or cheapest.

Keep off cheap services as they may have hidden costs or deliver substandard services –you don’t want your vehicle to arrive dented or broken. Besides price, choose a reputable and experienced auto shipping company.

Be Aware Of Additional Charges

Some auto transporters have additional costs like insurance, taxes, and fuel surcharges. Others charge more to transport inoperable vehicles due to the special equipment needed to load and offload them. These expenses can surge your transportation costs, leaving you with a massive bill during delivery. It pays to ask for additional expenses and factor them into your budget.

Shipping your vehicle in and out of your state does not have to be costly. Use the tips above the next time you need to ship your car and reduce your transport costs significantly.

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