Signs You Need To Have A Tree Removed

Signs You Need To Have A Tree Removed

Trees improve the appearance and comfort of any home and make the overall landscape more varied and appealing. However, trees require professional care to remain healthy, grow correctly, and look appealing. Professional Shelton CT tree service can assist with common tree care tasks such as trimming and pruning. In some cases, though, a tree may need to be removed entirely by a Bethany CT tree removal professional. A damaged, dead, or dying tree presents a safety hazard for your home and any nearby neighbors and should be professionally removed as soon as possible. It can be a challenge knowing if a tree needs to be removed as it may not be readily apparent that something is wrong with it. Here are seven signs you should have a tree professionally removed.

Seven Signs A Tree May Need Removing

1. Notable Damage Or Decay

A damaged tree is far more prone to falling and should be removed. Signs of damage and decay can include trunk cracking, bark peeling, dead branch stubs, severe trunk damage, visible wounds, and broken wood. Often, this type of damage can occur due to a severe storm or another extreme weather event.

2. Dead Branches

If a tree on your property has dead branches, this could be a sign of disease, pest infestation, or some other issue. An occasional dead branch is normal. However, if you see multiple dead branches, that is cause for concern. Dead branches are a hazard because a strong breeze or heavy snow can easily cause them to fall from a tree, damaging whatever is underneath.

3. Root Decay

If there are signs of damage or illness to your tree’s roots, this is a sign the tree is unstable and should be removed as soon as possible. Aside from visual damage, other signs of root decay are a tree leaning to one side and roots that are sticking out of the ground.

4. Holes

When you see holes in the lower part of your tree (mainly along the stump area), this is a sign that the tree is not in good health and could be dying. An expert will be able to tell if any holes in your tree are a sign of a deeper issue.

5. Fungus Growth & Other Signs Of Illness

Mushrooms or other fungi growing on a tree are common signs of some type of disease. Other signs to look for alongside mushrooms that indicate illness can include scabs in the fruits, discolored leaves, stunted growth, and damage to the tree’s structure, such as depressions in the wood.

6. The Tree Has Died

While an ill tree could be saved with a dead tree, the only option is to remove it. Signs a tree has died or is in the process of doing so include all the branches being dead, a leaning trunk, no leaves or other signs of growth, and an infestation of insects or other animals.

7. The Tree Is Just In A Bad Location

Sometimes a tree can have no health ailments or issues save for where the tree is located. If a tree is too close to your home or leans over power lines or other possible dangers, you may want to consider removing it to prevent accidents. Remember, even a healthy tree can be brought down by extreme weather conditions.

As the above shows, there are many signs a tree may need removing. An expert can detect if a tree must be removed, and if not, what the best course of action should be.

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