Rip Ajax September 10 1980 (April 2023) Read Incident Details

Rip Ajax September 10 1980

A high school is a place of many highs and lows, but unfortunately, it’s also where tragedies can occur. On September 10th, 1980, the internet was abuzz with news that one student had suffered an untimely demise. ‘Rip Ajax September 10 1980’ recent news shook up teenagers everywhere who found themselves wondering why something like this could happen.

Do you want to know more about this tragic incident? Then you are at the right place. We will tell you everything about Ajax’s death incident and who was the culprit behind his death:

Who Was Ajax?

Ajax, formally known as Adrian Persia, was an esteemed student at a renowned high school in his city. Ajax, on September 10 1980 could be found casually perusing the halls with friends – but it would turn out to be one of his last days alive, tragically killed by accidental gunfire from another classmate. Though reports suggested death had been misfortunate and unintentional, many students agreed that this ultimately amounted to murder.

What Happened To The School After The ‘Rip Ajax September 10 1980’ Incident Happened?

Spingarn High School was once renowned, but that all changed with the passing of one of its most talented students. As a result, admissions declined dramatically, and many existing students dropped out due to this tragedy. It resulted in the shutdown of the institution in 2013. So, let us explore the culprit behind the death of Ajax.

Who Was The Culprit?

Michael Joseph Pratt was found guilty of the murder of 16-year-old Ajax September 10 1980. Initial reports deemed it an accident, and school authorities were unable to resolve the case. Further investigation revealed that Michael committed this crime as a result of impulsive behavior rather than intentional planning at just 18 years old.

What Did The Students & The Authority Have To Say About The Incident?

After the horrible Rip Ajax September 10 1980 incident, many people expressed their thoughts, including the authorities and the students. As per the source, there’s one student- Tanya Brown, who explained the incident in detail. Also, the investigations found no clue regarding the planned murder by Michael. 

On the other hand, the authorities stated that they were not able to discover what might cause Michael to take such a huge step. Also, when it comes to why did Spingarn high school closed? The students were too scared to take admissions in the school where a student murdered someone.

Similar Incident

On 15 February 2022, a wave of grief swept Rip Ajax September 10 1980 when the tragic shooting of Jahiem Robinson (14) at Scarborough High School was brought to light. ‘

Initially unknown, an 18-year old friend caused this terrible tragedy and sent shock waves across social media platforms globally as similar cases arose in other regions around the world. As victims pay tribute to their lost loved ones, police are still searching for answers about what truly happened that day in Ajax’s Shooting case.


The Rip Ajax September 10 1980 case was an intriguing and mysterious tale that has captivated the attention of many. This case unfolded on September 10, 1980, at Spingarn High School, leaving behind a trail of unanswered questions and a sealed file. 

In this post, we explore the connected links to this case as we delve deeper into the story that holds so many secrets. We must note that the information we have gathered is solely based on online sources, and we do not claim to be experts on the matter. 

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