Production Tip For Your Next Video

Production Tip For Your Next Video

Video production requires a lot of expertise, discipline, and organization. If you turn up for your video shoot unprepared, the production will come out sloppy and unprofessional. But being prepared like experts such as Brian Graden. Being prepared makes it possible to properly direct your actors instead of focusing on other issues like logistics.

In video production, time is of the essence, so you shouldn’t waste it trying to figure out what line should be delivered next. Here are a few expert tips that should help you know what to do before the filming day.

Keep It Original

The idea behind your video project should be as creative and original as possible. Avoid taking the easy route of copying another person’s idea. Instead, you should opt for research and find out the successful and popular content types in your industry and confirm if another brand hasn’t covered that area. The originality of content separates you from the crowd and makes your product unique.

Have A Plan

The next step involves writing a script and drawing it out on a storyboard, after which you have to create a shot list before you begin filming. Ensure to plan the b-roll shots so that you can have extra footage when editing.

Choose Video Subjects Carefully

Ensure to set high standards when you are casting actors for your production. Only choose people who can naturally memorize lines, deliver dialogues, and is dynamic in front of a camera. Ideally, you plan out time for some run-throughs to work out giggles and mispronunciations.

Concentrate On Good Sound Quality

Poor sound quality can make your work seem amateur. You should use lavaliere or lapel microphones for the best sounds when producing sit-down interviews. Also, if you are recording a video using a smartphone, you could buy a smartphone that perfectly fits into the phone’s headphone input to easily and quickly improve your sound quality.

In summary, producing your first or next video shouldn’t be too difficult if you know what you are doing. You should leverage the experiences of experts like Producer Brian Graden and focus more on quality than speed.

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