Post-Renovation Cleaning: Why DIY Doesn’t Compare To Professional Services

Professional Cleaning Service

Some homeowners forget to plan their approach to cleaning up after a renovation. Ultimately, the choice is usually between cleaning up yourself or hiring professionals.

With that in mind, this article will highlight how DIY cleaning is an option and why professional cleaning services are better.

The Benefits Of Professional Post-Renovation Cleaning

Some people who just finished renovating part of their home might want to do a DIY cleaning afterward. However, professional cleaners are the better option for many reasons.

One of the reasons why it’s better to work with a professional cleaner such as Maid Sailors cleaning service Chicago is because of their preparedness. Professionals have the proper equipment for post-construction clean up. Dust and debris can overwhelm your tools if you use your usual cleaning equipment at home.

You might break your cleaning equipment, requiring you to buy newer cleaning tools and spend money and time. Instead of suffering for way too long with a house surrounded by all that dust and debris, working with a professional cleaner will prevent you from damaging your cleaning equipment.

Another benefit to hiring professional cleaners would be their efficiency.

What might take you days to finish, a professional cleaner might manage to do it faster and more thoroughly. If you’re busy and need to work, cleaning after a renovation will require a considerable time commitment. Instead of spending your free time cleaning, you can relax after a work week and leave the cleaning to the professionals.

Given the efficiency and time-saving benefits of hiring a cleaner for post-renovation cleaning tasks, it can be the best solution to clean your home soon after renovations.

The Downside Of DIY Post-Renovation Cleaning

While you’re free to do the post-renovation cleaning yourself, there are quite a few downsides you need to be aware of before you start.

One downside would be the health and safety concerns. Breathing in all of that dust and debris is dangerous for your lungs. If you take too long to clean the debris away, it can even get into the rest of the house, especially if you don’t correctly sequester away the rest of the house. If it does get there, it can affect other people living in your home.

It might not offer enough protection if you don’t use the proper protective gear or masks to clean your newly renovated part of the house.

Aside from that, there might be some hazards that you’re unprepared for. For example, stray nails and screws around the floor that you don’t spot can be dangerous. It won’t only harm you but also damage your cleaning equipment. That’s why having proper protection is essential.

The larger your renovation project is, the more work it will be for you to clean it, especially if it’s only you doing it. It will also take you longer to finish, which can be harmful since going in and out of the renovation area can cause dust and debris to get to other parts of your home, too.

Cost Considerations: DIY Vs. Professional Services

One of the main reasons people don’t automatically choose professional cleaning services after a renovation is the cost. Given the renovation expenses, adding professional cleaning services might be separate from the plan. That’s why many homeowners don’t think of hiring professionals to clean after a renovation.

However, the cost savings you get from doing it yourself might not be worth it. A good rule is to hire professional cleaning services if your renovation is extensive in scope. You can get away with handling smaller-scale renovations, but more extensive renovations might take too long if you clean them up yourself.

Plus, doing the cleaning yourself still requires you to pay for certain things, such as:

  • Cleaning equipment
  • Cleaning solutions
  • Disposal of construction debris
  • Protective equipment when you clean

A less obvious cost is your time. If you have work, you won’t have as much time to clean, which can cut your time cleaning your newly renovated home.

Another risk you’re taking is improperly cleaning your newly renovated area. If you don’t do it correctly, it can damage a part of your house you just renovated. You might need to spend money to repair the damages you did. That means that whatever cost-savings you have are null and void after all.

If you ever plan on cleaning a renovation yourself, it’s good to be aware of these risks so you can prepare accordingly.

Quality Assurance: Consistency & Results

Professional cleaners have the necessary equipment, products, and techniques to thoroughly address the unique challenges that arise after a renovation project.

DIY post-renovation cleaning can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, where you most likely need more cleaning tools and solutions. These aspects can lead to missed spots, uneven cleaning, and a less satisfactory outcome, potentially undermining your investment in your renovation.

Choosing between professional post-renovation cleaning and a DIY approach should be weighed carefully.

Choosing The Right Professional Cleaning Service

Post-renovation cleaning is much different than what usual cleaning at home entails. That’s why working with cleaners with experience with the post-construction cleaning process is essential. There are a few things you can look for if you plan to work with professional cleaners for the cleaning.

One thing you should look for is the appropriate licenses. Proper licensing ensures that professional cleaners meet industry standards. While looking into licensing, you should also look at their insurance to know that there are protections in place in case of damages during cleaning.

Look for customer reviews and testimonials. What the professional cleaners say about their services is one thing. What their previous customers say about them is another. These reviews will help you determine their reliability and whether their customer service is sufficient.

Once you’ve reviewed their qualifications, it’s a good idea to communicate clearly how you expect the cleaning process to go. Ask them how long they think the cleaning will take. They should also have a transparent pricing scheme for their cleaning services. That way, you won’t have hidden fees.

Tips For Working With Professional Cleaners

After you figure out which professional cleaners to work with, here are a few tips on improving the working relationship.

First, it’s good to have realistic expectations of the cleaning process. The larger your renovation area is, the longer the cleaning process may take.

Clear communication is at the heart of a good relationship with the professional cleaners you work with. You want to ensure that you know as much as possible how the cleaning progress is going, and they should freely give you updates without any issues.


Professional cleaning services after a renovation are more efficient and excellent for time savings. While DIY cleaning after renovation is possible, there are risks attached to it that you can avoid if you hire a reputable cleaning service provider. Professional cleaners are a strong contender if you’re dealing with renovation and want to know your choices post-renovation.

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