Make That Spare Room Into A Special Room

Make That Spare Room Into A Special Room

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Most houses have the same collection of rooms in them- living, dining, bed (possibly plural), bath, kitchen, and laundry, or something closely resembling that. That said, there are some houses that have a mysterious place called “the spare room” as well. Most of the time it ends up being a “guest room”, or even just a “store room”, but those are awfully boring, aren’t they? Let’s have a look at some other options that can turn your spare room into a special room.


Imagine one wall dedicated to shelves containing your collection of favourite books, a terribly comfy chair in the corner with a standing lamp for reading, and an office chair and desk against the window so you can stare out of it while you put off doing any actual studying. Go to your local wallpaper Store to pick up something to finish off the rest of the wall space in a suitably studious pattern like deep red or dark blue with a gold leaf filigree. Now you’re ready to write the great Australian novel! Or, maybe just sit in that comfy chair and read one first.

Home Theatre

Pick a wall to house the big screen TV or even a real movie screen if you have a projector! Now place comfy love seats in a row facing it, enough to fit the whole family. This is one of those rare opportunities to actually paint it black when it comes to the remaining walls, or maybe a deep purple if you can’t bring yourself to really do black. Hang a heavy red velvet curtain across the screen so you can pull it back dramatically before you start the movie. Don’t forget the popcorn!


Are you a collector? Do you have loads of pretty little things you would like to see placed on glass shelves or in glass cabinets? Or are you the type who needs a big messy workbench you can glue model airplanes together at? Model trains? Sure, this is the place for your passion, choo-choo! Make sure to install plenty of lighting so you can see what you are admiring or working on.

These are just a few of the many options available to you and your family! Use your imagination to make that spare room the most popular room in the house! Guests can just sleep on the sofa, and you can put all that junk you need to store in the garage, that’s what they’re really for, right?

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