Lars Mittank: The Untold Story

Lars Mittank

Lars Mittank, a 28 years old German citizen is the most famous missing person according to YouTube. He visited his friends at the Golden Sands Resort on June 30, 2014, located on the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria. On that trip, Lars got into an argument and suffered an eardrum breakout.  After the passage of many days, he had run away, worried from the Varna Airport (the big city next to the resort), skipped the 2.5-meter-tall premises, and went missing into the nearby forest. Nobody has seen him or heard of him since then.

How Does It All Start?

On the last day of June 2014, Mittank reached five of his friends at the Varna Airport, where they drove nine miles (15km) to the Golden Sands resort. All of them stayed at Viva Club Hotel and spent the next week involved in the party, and pub crawls, and taking sunbathes. Although, Golden Sands is where you go to the party.

On July 6, the day before, Lars Mittank and his friends returned to Germany, and they went for the party. That’s where Lars allegedly got into an argument with other German tourists over the topic of football. The argument turned into a fight, and Lars got his left eardrum broken in addition to other jaw damages. Mittank, after the occurrence, left his friends in front of a restaurant and disappeared for the rest of the evening.

He came up the next morning appealing that the guys he had fought with at the bar had hired four men to harm him. It’s vague if he got the eardrum damage then or back at the party venue. When he visited a doctor, they referred him to Cefprozil (500mg), which is a heavy dose of antibiotics, and suggested that he not fly due to the sensitivity of the wound.

Lars’ friends were required to stay with him and fly out together when it was better for him to travel, but he refused. Mittank said he would be okay on his own and maintained that they got home as planned. So they did. One of his companions later told German television that he was in a “good mood” and “calm when they left Lars.”

How Things Turned Inversely?

Lars Mittank moved out of the Viva Club hotel on July 7, the similar time his companion did. He then checked into other much cost-effective hotels, but this time sited in Varna, apparently so that he was earlier to the airport. As somebody who resides in Varna, I can tell you that the Hotel’s color, where he lived, isn’t in the apt neighborhood for a foreigner in the zenith of the summer season. It’s not a ghetto or a criminal area either, so it doesn’t quite describe his behavior later on.

Since the moment Lars entered the Hotel, he started acting strangely. The CCTV footage from the Hotel displays Lars pacing up and down the foyer, apparently terrified and distrustful. He was appearing out the windows and even hid in a lift at some point.

According to intelligence, he left the hotel at 1 am on July 8 before coming back later to gather his things and head to the airport. No one knows where he was throughout that time or what he was doing. They do, though, informed that he called his mother, Sandra, about that time. He told her in a murmured way that four men were following him and planning to kill or steal from him. According to her testimonial, Lars also told her he was staying back in a high place and was frightened not to move because he could fall and die. He told her to cancel his bank cards as well.

Disappearing At The Airport

At 5 am on a similar day, Lars Mittank arrived at the Varna Airport. He contacted his mother to tell her that he had finely made it to the terminal and was about to visit the doctor on-site before his flight. Lars also said he did not have any money with him, which his mother discovered strange as he had told her he had enough cash just hours past.

Sandra would later inform authorities that their last conversation frightened her because she could feel that Lars was scared of something.

After he talked to his mother, Lars visited the doctor at the airport, Dr. Kosta Kostov. The doctor told him not to fly out due to his condition. A ruptured eardrum subjected to changes in elevation could potentially hurt him adversely. Despite Dr. Kostov’s reference, Mittank insisted on onboarding his flight. Even before signing an affirmation stating that he’s taking full accountability for the consequences of him flying in that medical disorder. He looked anxious and erratic the entire time.

And then Dr. Kostov remembers that when Lars saw a construction employee approaching the (examination) room, the German flicked. Mittank allegedly cried something along as he said “I don’t want to die here; I need to get out of here.”

It was then that Lars rushed off, running away from the airport terminal, crossed the boarding gates and check-in zones to get outdoor of the premises. He left all his possessions behind, comprising his wallet and passport. The CCTV footage from the airport exhibited Lars running across the airport’s parking lot, ascending the tall security fence, and vanishing into the surrounding woods.

The video of Lars Mittank running away from the airport is one of the most-viewed disappearances online, which is why some have explained him as the most well-known missing person on YouTube.

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