Landlines vs Cell Phones

Landlines vs Cell Phones

You might be interested in home phone trends. Would it be better to just have a cell phone/smartphone or do you need to have a landline?  We are here to help you answer that question.

Advantages Of Landlines

One of the best cases for a landline is that you will get excellent phone service a vast majority of the time. You will be able to hear very clearly on these and it is easy to set up – just plug it into a wall jack, as it has been done for many decades. There will be a central place for you to be able to sit down and talk to people.

Disadvantages Of Landlines

You have to use it in the place that you currently are – unless you have call forwarding. You can roam around your house or apartment with a cordless phone, but other than that, you have to be near the base.

It also depends on how often you use it. This could be an extra cost … but is this a case of “Better to have it and not need it?” It would be handy in the event of an emergency. You won’t be running around looking for a cell phone, which can waste precious time.

Advantages Of Cell Phones

The main advantage is that you can use it almost anywhere. You could be idly waiting for a doctor … you can relax while using your cell phone. Smartphones have gotten quite sophisticated over the years and you can do everything from playing games to watching movies on them. All in the palm of your hand.

Also, you can be reached wherever you are. That means if you are waiting for a date, they can call you or text you and tell you that you are running late. The days of having to call your landline voicemail are nearly over. Also, payphones are nearly a relic of the past.

Disadvantages Of Cell Phones

You can be reached wherever you are. If your job knows you have a cell phone, they can call it to get you. You can only use the “lost signal” excuse so many times before they get suspicious. It can be annoying to always feel like you are constantly on call. There can be a separation of sorts when you are home on the landline.

There can be areas where there is no coverage. That means you can’t reach anyone. Also, you run the risk of your cell phone battery running out. You won’t have to worry much about that with your landline – unless you use a cordless one and forget to charge it.

One reason that people often get landlines is that they have internet and/or cable bundles. That way, they can talk on the phone and use the internet at the same time. The bundle alone may be enough to justify the cost. Whatever the decision, pick the best one for you.

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