Key Roof Maintenance Tips For Homeowners

Roof Maintenance Tips For Homeowners

Many homeowners move into their new homes, design and furnish the interior, and settle back to enjoy it. What they often overlook is that roofs are not self-maintaining. They need to be cleaned and assessed periodically. Sometimes, this examination of a roof reveals aspects that need repair or replacement to prevent leaks. Experts recommend that you check your roof and return it to a good state at the start of each new season if you live in a state with large weather changes. Alternatively, once a year, you can have your roof examined by a professional roofer. This is also a good idea if you are not good with heights and don’t have the correct safety gear.

Initial Assessment After Moving In

The lifespan of an average roof varies between 15 and 50 years. It is worth climbing up and making an assessment directly after you have purchased your home as you have no idea how often the previous owner took care of routine maintenance on the property.

You will look for loose or missing tiles and remove moss and algae, which cause moisture to form on the roof. As moss grows, it can cause tiles to shift, and both florae can result in quicker deterioration of roof tiles. You should also remove any debris that has accumulated.

Maintain The Gutter System

It’s critical that you monitor and maintain your gutter system since a roof’s gutters and downspouts move precipitation from the roof to the ground in a way that eliminates pooling and flooding, or other damage. Rainwater can seep from gutters that have gaps, holes, or cracks, resulting in ponding next to the house. Erosion and foundation damage could result from this. Debris-filled or poorly sloped gutters will prevent water from flowing via the downspout, which could lead to water seeping in under your shingles and so harming your roof.

Regularly clean up your gutters and check them for damage. Additionally, keep in mind that overhanging trees will require gutter cleanings more often. In this regard, pine trees are particularly annoying for how they block gutters with their needles. You’ll probably need to employ a pro for this task if your house has two or more stories.

Monitor For Leaks

Water leaks caused by shifting or missing tiles may not create an obvious dripping onto your inside floors. You are more likely to pick up signs of leaking by finding water stains or discoloration on the inner walls or ceilings of your home, paint bubbling, and mold. On the roof itself, you will see algae and shingles that have warped. These types of damage are more common after there has been heavy snowfall, the roof has been exposed to ice that has built up on the surface, and after big thunderstorms.

Even if you live in a rented property, it is essential to have the roof checked periodically. Speak to the landlord about scheduling annual checks with a professional roofer. If you notice signs of water damage or leaks, contact the owner so that it can be attended to promptly. As a homeowner, you will want to keep the number of a roofer on hand, such as Wildwood, who handle major construction to minor repairs. Click visit homepage to learn more.

A well-maintained roof will give you peace of mind and sustain your home value until resale.

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