Key Features To Consider In Finding LGBTQ-Inclusive Bars & Eateries Near You

Finding LGBTQ-Inclusive Bars

A gay bar can be more than just a spot to get drinks. In a world where homophobia reigns supreme, these LGBTQ-friendly establishments are vital community gathering places and celebrate inclusion throughout the year.

A visit could fill your night with shirtless bartenders, drag bingo, and exotic male dancers. They even have event surprises!


Whether you want to party at a low-key Cheers-ish bar where doggies are welcome, a dance club with heart-pumping music and a red carpet where you can choreograph a grand entrance, or a drag-show brunch and cocktail lounge, NYC has plenty of options.

For example, on the edge of a trendy bar is a super queer spot adorned with artistic depictions of boobs. Guests enjoy board games, the chance to win boozy treats by spinning a pinwheel, and entertaining drag performances. Some skew more into restaurant territory than a typical gay bar with table service and a menu that includes smoked mussels and lamb meatballs. Its ambiance is cozy and intimate. It’s also easy to reach, with the 2, 3, and 4 subway lines nearby.


The atmosphere is an essential aspect of an LGBTQ friendly pub and restaurant. It’s how you feel when you walk into a space, and it should be welcoming and friendly.

The atmosphere is warm and inviting, with various themed events and parties throughout the week. Dance nights bring much energy to the floor, attracting locals and tourists alike.

There is a historic gay bar with a cozy vibe year-round. Their experienced bartenders create a comfortable atmosphere where everyone feels welcome. They offer a variety of drinks and cocktails to choose from, including their house martini with vodka, ginger, and lime. Their menu also includes a wide selection of beer to suit any palate. Their outdoor patio is great in the summer.


The dining menus at LGBTQ-inclusive bars and eateries range from casual to upscale. Some skew into restaurant territory, offering table service and a solid selection of cocktails. Whether you want to dine on smoked mussels or lamb meatballs, this bar is great for dinner and drinks.

There is a part of a nationwide renaissance of lesbian-owned bars post-pandemic and a hub for weekly community events. Grab a seat at the woody corner tavern and sip cocktails.

For more laid-back options, check out some which offer a typical pub atmosphere year-round with beer and wine, friendly conversation, and weekly game nights and karaoke. Or try a slice of New York pizza.


Regarding LGBTQ bars, the variety of atmospheres is nearly endless. Theme nights, drag performances, and trivia competitions are commonplace in a sleek martini bar where go-go dancers shimmy beneath a half dozen TVs playing music videos from classic to current rock and boy bands.

Some may host exotic male dancers and runs drink specials for their loyal clientele. Meanwhile, others serve hybrid dishes that fuse American and Thai cuisines.

There is one of the few gay bars with a cruising room. This darkroom can get crowded on weekends, but the staff ensures everyone feels welcome. The cocktail menu is robust, too, and features drinks with a rainbow of colors.


In many cities, the hottest gay bars have weekly events. In Brooklyn, they attract singers and performers from all backgrounds with karaoke nights, drag shows, and themed parties.

In Miami, there has been one of the city’s most inclusive gay bars for years, with a roster of dance parties and drag race watch events. This bar also serves crave-worthy food like beer-battered cauliflower bites and a black-and-blue burger with blue marble jack cheese, bacon, and onions on a grilled bun.

There is also a carefree NYC gay bar with a roomy space and backyard that holds themed events. They serve various drinks, including famous tequila-based margaritas and a wide selection of bottled beers.

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