Keep Your Inside Air Clean

Keep Your Inside Air Clean

Bad air used to be something associated with cities like Los Angeles or China, but now pollution particulates can be found at harmful levels in most developed locations. Add in the fact that the number of people with allergies has increased in the last few decades, and long-term pollution exposure has now been identified as a source of chronic sickness, clean air matters a whole lot more than it did a few decades ago.

Contaminants & Pollution

There have always been particulates in the air we breathe. On any given day outside, the average person breathes in an assortment of dust, air, bacteria, spores, pollen and more. These are particulates that are common in nature. However, in addition to naturally occurring organic material, there is now far more chemical pollution in the air as well.

Automobile exhaust has been, for a long time, a major air pollution source. Where there are industrial centers such as manufacturing or chemical production, that has added elements to the regional air as well. All of this is on the outside, but it can enter buildings and homes without proper filtration. After all, the air source for the HVAC system is literally just an intake vent from the outside.

Health Impacts Even From Indoor Air

For those sensitive to particulates at home or in an office, breathing contaminated air exacerbates existing health conditions and can create new ones. Those with already compromised immune systems can quickly become enmeshed in chronic symptoms and related problems, especially with relaxed breathing difficulty, irritation and sinus inflammation. To quickly identify what is the source of these reactions, indoor air quality testing on a regular basis becomes necessary.

What’s Involved With Testing?

The first step involves a baseline evaluation of the current indoor status. That involves a screening of the current air conditions, with a particular attention placed on the intake points where the air comes in and the pollution condition of those channels. It includes testing for internal dust and particulates that can get recycled due to insufficient filtering and cleaning.

With a baseline established, including what kind of materials are present, then filtering options and cleaning can be recommended for the given location. If a home, HVAC filtering options are typically focused on in addition to specific room air cleaning equipment if needed. If a facility, larger systems are recommended for full-building cleaning as well as protection from outside air entry that would otherwise negate all the work involved.

Results To Be Expected

Again, there is already a library of natural contaminants in the air as it is. Added pollution makes things worse. With the confirmation of air quality testing and the implementation of corrections, indoor breathing is quickly going to have an improved sense of cleaner, easier breathing right away. Headaches, allergies, dust irritation and similar will likely go down or have less frequency.

Those with sensitive breathing issues will find themselves having less response attacks and being able to relax and breathe easier. Long-term, overall energy in the home or workplace will improve, and chronic health issues such as cold, sinuses and similar will go down in frequency. While there is no guarantee, consistent and systematic air cleaning has been shown to have a direct impact on long-term health.

Volume Processed Can Be Significant

A typical home HVAC system when being used transports an incredible amount of air. Running 24/7, a home HVAC can relocate as much as 1.5 million cubic feet. Most of it is recycled through the home, but some portion comes from outside every day too. That amount of air, unfiltered, can be a tremendous assault on the senses when combined with pollution as well. Air quality testing watches out for this problem and provides a viable solution on how to deal with it as well.

The best way to get started is to schedule a baseline evaluation and learn your options for a home. This is not one of those situations where out of sight, out of mind is a good thing. Pollution over time can be extremely harmful, but with good home filtration it can be avoided.

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