John Branca: A Leader In Entertainment Law

Entertainment Law

Every day, more musical artists are being discovered and quickly gaining popularity amongst listeners around the world. While this can be an incredible, life-changing experience, it’s important that any artist have the protection of an established entertainment lawyer.

What Is An Entertainment Lawyer?

Entertainment lawyers are legal professionals who specialize in representing celebrities and entertainers. They can deal in every type of legal dispute from copyright infringement and defamation to labor laws and bankruptcy. These professionals are experienced in providing legal counsel and defense for the artist and their intellectual property; in addition, entertainment lawyers may also provide defense for any brands the artist is associated with. While it is wise for any person to have legal representation by a professional, it’s especially crucial that entertainers have someone on their side that can help them deal with industry-specific disputes.

Why Do They Matter?

Though they are the ones taking center stage, musical artists are often taken advantage of by the various professionals they work for. In many cases, their opinions and needs may be suppressed if they do not suit the interests of their record label, producers or management; because of this, artists may go for long periods of time struggling with public scrutiny, abuse and financial problems without receiving any help. Fortunately, professionals like John Branca are able to protect artists by informing them of their rights, offering legal counsel and defending them in court.

Who Is John Branca?

With over 45 years of experience in the industry, John Branca is one of the most widely renowned entertainment lawyers in the world. Since 1975, he’s represented over 30 professional acts from around the world. Artists like Carlos Santana, Earth, Wind and Fire, Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys and Fleetwood Mac have all been represented by Branca, who continues to work in entertainment law to this day. Billboard named John Branca Lawyer of the Year in 2016; three years later, Marquis Who’s Who named him the World’s #1 Music Attorney. He is an industry leader with a distinct focus on supporting the artist rather than the label they work under.

Music is a crucial and constant part of life, and entertainment lawyers are a crucial asset to musicians. Whether it be protection from defamation, theft of intellectual property or abuse from other industry professionals, lawyers like Branca are working hard every day to fight for artists everywhere.

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