Is Cuelu Legit (September 2022) Check Complete Review Here!


Who wouldn’t want wrinkle-free, radiant skin without spending a fortune on various beauty products? Numerous products are being sold with the promise of improving blood circulation and making skin glow. Undoubtedly, some do operate effectively, but their charges burn a hole in your wallet.

There is a with a sizable assortment of expertly created facial tools for shaping the face. Read on to know everything about this website and know whether it’s the right website to shop for face shopping tools or not:


Women can shop online at Cuelu, which sells a wide range of handcrafted face-shaping equipment. According to the portal, using the interface is quite simple.

You can access Cuelu at and send an email to with any questions. The website includes the 1800 242 7128 phone number within its complete list of contact information. It does not refer to the company’s registered address. Its category of facial sculpting tools is bright.

Any online payment method is easily usable for payment. It incorporates SSL and HTTPS. Within 30 days of delivery, returns and refunds are accepted. It takes 16 to 24 days to deliver. The website doesn’t have any other apparent social media presence either.


  • The website’s URL is
  • Any questions should be sent to through email.
  • 1800 242 7128 is the phone number to use for direct connection.
  • The official portal does not list the office address.
  • The website advertises a selection of equipment for facial sculpting.
  • Online purchases can be made using a variety of payment methods, including Apple Pay, MasterCard, VISA, AMEX, etc.
  • The website has achieved HTTPS and SSL integration certification.
  • Within 30 days of delivery, it has accepted returns and issued refunds.
  • We looked into the legitimacy of Cuelu; there are few user reviews available.
  • The delivery period has typically taken 16 to 24 business days.
  • There are no social media pages.

Cuelu: Real Or fake?

We can take the following information into account for the website’s reality:

Domain Time: 20 June 2021.

Trust Index: The website received a dismal 1% trust score.

Trust Rank: It has a 3.9 out of 100 trust rating.

Products: It advertises a variety of handcrafted facial sculpting instruments.

Payment Methods: Amex, VISA, MasterCard, JCB, Apple Pay, and others.

Existence on social media: It does not exist anywhere, which implies there is no traffic and no publicity.

Cuelu user reviews: Few customers’ comments can be found on other platforms.

Prices are excessive.

Legitimacy: Given its youth, it is difficult to judge its reality, but when we take the aforementioned factors into account, it appears dubious.

Pros Of Buying From Cuelu

  • Online payments can be made using a variety of payment methods.
  • The products seem quite practical.
  • Email and a phone number for support are available on the official website.
  • Refunds and returns are accepted.

Drawbacks Of Buying From Cuelu

  • The cost of the goods is out of line.
  • There aren’t many things offered.
  • No social connectivity, no popularity, no publicity, no traffic. 

Cuelu Customer Reviews

A wide variety of face shaping and lifting products, including the Gua Sha, are available on the Cuelu portal, and you can read all the customer reviews by going to the website. Unfortunately, nothing helpful was discovered after searching the internet for comments pertaining to the website. Some evaluations lacked the persuasion necessary to portray.


All of the aforementioned data makes it quite evident that Cuelu.Com is not a website in which you should have confidence. In actuality, it’s not a reliable online marketplace. Therefore, it’s advisable not to place an order on Cuelu.Com since you risk becoming a victim of fraud!

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