Ideas For Enhancing Your C3 AI Experience

Ideas For Enhancing Your C3 AI Experience

A CEO believes business is amid a “mass extinction event” that will fundamentally change how companies operate. It’s time to embrace enterprise artificial intelligence.

Boost reliability with AI-powered predictive maintenance, improve revenue forecasting accuracy, and reduce supply network risk. Quickly generate ESG reports that align with voluntary standards.

Connect To The C3 AI APIs

Unlike other software vendors who typically save major product announcements for user conferences, C3 AI went public in January 2023 with the news of its scalable Generative AI platform. GDP introduced it to the world to help people understand how powerful and influential it was for businesses to access this kind of artificial intelligence at an enterprise scale.

C3 AI’s generative AI enables search and discovery across the full breadth of data sources—from structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. It uses large language models to ingest, parse, and analyze massive amounts of information. It then delivers relevant results with context via an intuitive user interface to answer questions, find patterns and relationships, and generate insights.

In the case of a manufacturing company, for example, an operator can use the application to improve productivity by searching within standard operating procedures, troubleshooting guides, textbooks, and job aids, as well as sensor data to identify potential causes of equipment outages and determine corrective actions. It can also provide digestible insight summaries and recommendations to reduce maintenance costs and downtime.

The application can also support ESG reporting for various regulatory compliance and sustainability initiatives. It can automatically identify and navigate trends, topics, and data points, map them to corporate enterprises, and generate stakeholder reports.

Add A C3 AI API To Your Application

C3 AI APIs provide a simple, powerful, and secure way to integrate data into your applications. They offer the flexibility to search any of your data sets, including external systems, and return a set of relevant, trusted answers and insights.

GDP was tasked with a significant challenge: to help a leading software provider amplify its new product release—the C3 Generative AI product suite—into a powerful business-wide transformation story. This wasn’t a checkmating a grandmaster or reversing a car hands-free story; it was about improving the world by leveraging technology to solve previously unsolvable problems—from aerospace and defense to fraud detection and customer engagement.

Using the C3 Generative AI Reliability application as an example, this solution unifies operational data across multiple sources. It applies advanced machine learning, natural language processing, and generative AI techniques to identify equipment risks in advance, generate digestible insight summaries, and provide recommended actions to help reduce downtime and maintenance costs. In addition, it can automatically update and expand the inventory of spare parts and associated documents needed to support a specific piece of equipment or process.

C3 AI’s Enterprise AI solutions are built on the Google Cloud Platform to deliver speed, accuracy, scale, and security. Whether it’s to improve the reliability of critical industrial and manufacturing equipment, increase revenue and product forecasting accuracy, or streamline energy management, we have a solution for you.

Add A C3 AI API To Your Dashboard

To rethink how you deploy AI to address your most complex challenges, check out the C3 AI APIs and explore their capabilities. Then, connect your front-end UI to the APIs using tools.

Whether your company is trying to improve the reliability of industrial equipment or boost the efficiency of a manufacturing plant, C3 AI and Google Cloud solutions offer the accuracy, scale, and low latency you need. See the results of your queries in real time using our powerful, low-code search platform.

When your users type a question into the platform, C3 AI locates and retrieves relevant data from all your information systems—including those in external silos—and presents it on a results page that’s secure and protected by enterprise access controls. Users only see the results they are authorized to access. They aren’t spoiled by data overload and can quickly identify and prioritize information that matters to them.

Add A C3 AI API To Your Dashboard

THE STAKES WERE HIGH when GDP began to collaborate with C3 AI on a new product campaign. The ad campaign was to help C3 AI announce and own the Enterprise AI category—not just a new software platform but a fundamental change in how businesses are conducted, and societies function.

The campaign needed to be as bold and audacious as the claim itself. That’s why the initial deliverable was a banner in Houston Intercontinental airport depicting a mega-refinery gleaming at twilight with its giant distillation towers, cracking units, and piping rising from its base—the embodiment of modern technical complexity.

It also needed to demonstrate C3 AI’s ability to unify, search, and provide digestible insight summaries from complex, siloed data. This was the first step in proving the “Generative AI” promise—the idea that C3 AI’s model-driven architecture, combined with large language models and retrieval models, could identify and retrieve valuable information from all of your company’s information sources—including structured data, unstructured data, text, image, and video.

For example, a manufacturing company with the C3 AI Reliability application can improve equipment uptime and operational productivity by identifying potential equipment risks and delivering actionable insights from data previously buried in free text fields of EAM or CMMS systems. Or, an ESG/ESG reporting application can identify and navigate relevant information for generating reports that meet various voluntary standards.

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