How To Transform Your Backyard With Modern Outdoor Furniture

Transform Your Backyard With Modern Outdoor Furniture

The days of flimsy white plastic chairs and PVC tables are gone. Transforming your backyard with contemporary outdoor furniture has never been easier or less expensive. Modern manufacturers have been able to create less costly and more aesthetic outdoor furniture out of different, more substantial materials and these savings pass on to you. 

Out With The Old, In With The New

In addition to being more sturdy, various accessory pieces are now available to complete a backyard transformation. The first step is deciding what additional functionality you want from the open space with which you have to work. It makes a difference if it is a porch, balcony, deck, or lawn expanse you want to convert.

Available outdoor furniture materials include rattan, wicker, metal, teak, and sturdy synthetic plastics. The choice of materials should be based on your budget, intended use, and the aesthetic look you planned.

In general, the building materials of all pieces forming an outdoor unit should be the same. For example, mixing a heavy iron iconic chaise lounge with a lightweight plastic side table looks unbalanced and incomplete. 

Bring The Indoors Outside

The investment in the property upon which your home sits is generally underutilized. There are many functions you should consider before selecting outdoor furniture. The tone of your backyard conversion should typically match the feel of your interior space, and it should be a reflection of your personal tastes.

If, for example, your home is designed for the young children in your life, the outside space can reflect that emphasis with smaller tables and chairs and a play area.

Conversely, suppose you primarily expect to sit outside and have an afternoon beverage with friends or neighbors. In that case, design features can provide an outdoor tea room or minibar made to withstand outdoor weather conditions.

Another possibility may be that you want a space for personal relaxation or a meditation space not available inside your home.

A personalized zen escape can be created with a few simple pieces, a water fountain, and potted or inground plants. A personal paradise can be made just a few steps from the house’s laundry, cooking, computer, and “to-do” lists.

Plan It, Then Create It

A common mistake is shopping for outdoor furniture without a plan. This can result in random item selection based on their initial appeal. Then, once the buyer returns home, the individual pieces are arranged without cohesive organization, resulting in uncoordinated clutter.

Having a design plan eliminates this costly disaster and saves time shopping.

When planning a renovation of an outdoor space, consider what you need and what you want as opposed to what is just pretty. “Pretty,” if it provides no functionality, wears off quickly. If outdoor furniture isn’t used, it is more clutter to maintain.

You can have both attractive and practical outdoor furniture. For example, consider a futon or sofa made for outdoor use if you expect guests and live in a warmer climate.

Do you plan to entertain outside?

If so, create an outdoor dining area with a watertight storage unit to minimize trips back and forth to the interior kitchen. The top can be used to place the dessert to serve after dinner.

Just the two of you? A wicker bistro table and two chairs may be all that is needed.

Define The Outdoor Space

As the square footage inside your home is divided into rooms, you can transform your backyard with modern furniture into segmented areas with different functions. However, if the site is a balcony or small deck, options are limited. 

If you do have a larger area available, place an outdoor sitting area with weatherproof couches, a modern fire pit, and a unique center coffee table off to the side of your modern eating area. After dining, your guests can shift away from the cluttered table, taking care of the dinner mess after your guests leave.

If there is no porch yet flat ground is available, place an indoor/outdoor carpet and transform your backyard atop the rug or artificial turf.

Modern outdoor furniture can be enjoyed on grass; however, there will be an increased effort in moving the furniture when maintaining it. The idea is to create a space to enjoy, not create more work.

This idea also works for dirt or sandy areas.

Incorporate Existing Backyard Features

Another recommendation when planning how to transform your backyard with modern outdoor furniture is to utilize existing features already present in the space. For example, is there already a fence in place? Modern outdoor furniture includes accent pieces such as hanging shelves or cabinets that can incorporate that barrier into the newly planned space.

A swimming pool lends itself to many transformative modern furniture accessories.

Create a resort with sturdy lounge chairs and unique accent tables to hold beverages and suntan oil. The poolside is also perfect for a minibar with a small concealed refrigerator. You can also artfully seclude an outdoor shower or changing area with outdoor space dividers that complement the style of other poolside furniture. 

Do you have a garden or trees in the backyard?

Suspend a hanging chair from a tree branch. Add a bench and potting table in the garden. You could even suspend a durable modern hammock from trees or a metal unit specifically designed for that purpose. Place it close to the garden and match the style and colors of the garden bench. 

The Bottom Line

The sky’s the limit when it comes to choices in outdoor furniture, and price ranges can accommodate almost any financial status. Coordinated colors, styles, materials, and functions can produce a stunning addition to your home outside.

The first step is to stop viewing your home as limited space within the walls of your house. Including the backyard in your concept of “home” opens unlimited possibilities, and allows you to feature a new area that can create a fantastic social atmosphere or even facilitate a relaxing and de-stressing environment.

The only constraints are budget and the limits of your creativity. Fortunately, there are plenty of design ideas that you can find online to help the unimaginative come up with excellent ways to furnish the outdoor space to optimal effect.

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