How To Style A Taper Fade Haircut

How To Style A Taper Fade Haircut

The taper fade haircut is a great style for anyone who wants to go edgy and add a bit of sophistication to their look. Combining backward from the hairline will give you a nice texture and create a little volume.

Combing Backward From The Hairline Creates Volume

There are many options, so it pays to be selective. Among the top contenders is the aforementioned pixie cut, or you could opt for something a little longer. If you prefer to keep your hair down, you could always bring the hair from your forehead to your chin, a feat which is often a task in its own right. It’s also possible to get creative with your styling techniques, like curling your hair for an extra touch of class.

The best part of the taper fade haircuts is that the process is painless and will likely take you no more than a half hour or so, depending on how long you plan to leave your stylist. To maintain the follicles, consider investing in a blow dryer or two. This will help ensure a smooth finish and make you feel and look your best. A good shampooing and conditioning regimen will go a long way toward keeping the dreaded ‘tangles at bay. And if you’re on the fence about a wig, you can always ask your stylist to consult you before you even step into the salon. After all, you deserve a treat after all the hard work you put into your appearance.

Skin Fades Combine Sophistication & Style

The taper fade is one of the oldest and most storied men’s hairstyles. Its predecessors include the bald and the pompadour. Unlike the ’80s era, today’s men can shave their hair and rock a stylish shortcut. However, a shaved head can look dated, especially if the comb-over is not up to par. You can give your mane a modern makeover with a simple clip and hairspray.

A low taper fade is a surefire way to keep your locks tidy while maintaining your mane’s luster. It is also a no-fuss way to keep your hair off your face. As a bonus, it also highlights the best parts of your scalp, making you look better. Use a fine-toothed comb through your mane for a more polished look. You can also add a bit of pomade to make your hair look even better.

One of the most gratifying experiences is having a pixie cut. Whether a buzzed lob or a shaved head, a trimmed pixie can help you look less like a nerd. In addition to the hair, a trim can also remove unwanted flyaways. This is a challenging feat, but the results are well worth it. Besides, a pixie is an excellent way to give your afro a well-deserved break. You can ask your barber at Dino’s Barbershop for this type of haircut.

Low Taper Fade

Whether you have short hair or long, a low taper fade haircut is a great way to add texture to your look. This subtle fade helps to connect your hair to the sides and back of your head for a refined appearance.

While low taper is often preferred over other types of fades, there are plenty of different ways to style it. The best part is that it is simple and easy to maintain.

A simple comb can help you achieve impeccable lines. You may also want to use pomade or gel to give your hair a shiny, wet look.

Whether you choose a short or long hairstyle, a low taper can be paired with various textures and designs. These include messy and spiky, but you can also get a more structured look.

The best part is adding a different color or design to your fade to make it a unique look. Using a professional colorist will help you reach your desired color.

Taper fades can be designed to fit any face shape. For example, a clean taper with a lower volume pompadour is perfect for fine, thin hair.

You should talk with your barber if you are still deciding whether you should get a fade or taper. They will be able to suggest a look that complements your face.

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