How To Stand Out In A Competitive Nursing Job Market

Competitive Nursing Job Market

As a nurse, it’s important to stay competitive in your career. Consider furthering your education and earning official certifications to broaden your career options.

Additionally, networking with classmates, professors and past employers is a great way to find new nursing jobs. Clean up social media accounts and maintain professionalism before attending interviews. Below you will find our best tips for scoring that perfect nursing job!

Keep Your Resume Updated

Whether you’re a new grad or a seasoned nursing professional, keeping your resume updated and ready for the job hunt is important. Your nursing resume is your marketing campaign; your goal is to portray yourself to your future employer in the best possible light.

Ensure your resume has no grammatical errors and is easy to read. If you have any doubts, ask a colleague or family member to proofread it.

Also, be sure to highlight your clinical and non-clinical skills that are relevant to the positions you’re applying for.

Attend Career Fairs

Many nursing schools host career fairs yearly, a great way to meet local and national employers. Employers that attend these events typically include hospitals, nursing homes and healthcare facilities, which is a great opportunity for nurses to learn about available employment opportunities.

While jeans and a t-shirt may be your everyday attire, it is recommended that you dress professionally for career fairs. This shows recruiters that you take nursing jobs seriously and fit their company culture well.

Also, make sure to have a list of references ready to go. Even if you are an experienced nurse, this is a requirement for new hires, and it will help you stand out.


As nurses, professional networking is crucial to landing nursing jobs. It is estimated that 70-80% of all job positions are never advertised and instead filled through personal connections or employee referrals.

Nurses can network by joining local professional nursing organizations. These groups offer educational seminars and events that can fuel career growth and advancement. They can also provide a forum to connect with other medical professionals who understand the day-to-day stresses of the nursing profession and offer guidance or support.

Additionally, nurses can use social media to network. However, it is important to maintain privacy and follow HIPAA regulations when using social media. Nurses can easily find and stay connected with other healthcare and nursing professionals by keeping a professional profile on sites.

Earn An MSN Degree

An MSN is a master’s degree in nursing that allows you to move into management positions in healthcare. It offers more freedom to shape patient care by influencing policies and best practices.

When choosing an MSN program, choosing one accredited by a recognized accrediting agency like the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education or the Accreditation Council for Allied Health Education is important. Also, look for a program that offers a nursing degree completion option.

For example, SNHU’s online RN to MSN program allows registered nurses to complete their theory-based coursework at home and graduate quickly. This will help them transition into leadership roles and start making an impact immediately. It will also allow them to qualify for more financial aid than without the degree.

Utilize Social Media

Breaking into healthcare as a new nurse can be intimidating, especially with many protocols to keep straight. However, being a team player can help nurses find their footing and thrive in their careers. Whether you’re learning a new medical procedure or getting advice from your coworkers, make a point to ask for and listen to feedback and show gratitude to those who support you.

Rather than spending too much time scrolling nursing job boards, take the initiative to research your local community (or those in areas you’d consider relocating to) and healthcare facilities. Find out who they’re hiring and reach out! Many hospitals are desperately seeking nurses to address a nationwide shortage. This means they’ll be open to various qualifications and experience levels. We hope that the above tips will help you find the right nursing job for you!

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