How To Show You’re Grateful To Someone

How To Show You’re Grateful To Someone

How often do you say thank you? We don’t mean the automatic response you give when someone offers you something, presents you with a gift, or does something like holds an elevator door for you. We mean a true thank you, a sign that you are utterly grateful for whatever it was that other person did, said, or gave you. It might be that when you think about it for longer, you can’t remember. That’s because saying thank you has become so commonplace – it’s something we’re taught to do as tiny children, but although we know when to do it, we might not really understand why we’re doing it.

The modern world can be a cold and lonely place, and showing gratitude is good for everyone. With that in mind, here are some ways you can show you’re grateful to someone so that you and they know you really mean it.

Pay It Forward

In some cases, you won’t know the person who helped you – it could be a stranger who offered to pay for your parking or bought you lunch when you didn’t have enough change, for example. Or it could be someone who really doesn’t want anything in return, whether you know them well or not. In that case, what can you do?

The best thing you can do is to pay it forward. Someone did something nice for you, so you can do something nice for someone else. Hopefully, they will then do something for someone else, and so on. You might buy their food when you’re in a drive-thru, or you might buy some flowers and leave them for a stranger to find. Perhaps you could consider donating to veterans on their behalf. There are many different options.

Write A Poem

Writing a poem is not something that will come naturally to many people, although if you know you are gifted when it comes to wordplay, it might be something you’re more than happy to do once you realize you can do it. However, no matter whether you can write a poem in moments that tugs at the heartstrings or you spend hours crafting a half-rhyme, the fact is that you will have created something out of nothing and given that hard work to someone to say thank you.

This is very special, and it’s certainly unique. The recipient can keep your words forever and feel happy that they helped you in some way.

Make A Video

Make a video that says exactly how you feel if you don’t want to write anything down or aren’t sure how to say it. This could involve you addressing the camera or showing the person you are grateful to how you are putting their gift to use. There is a plethora of apps available online that will help you in making a short film or animated movie, which is another option.

Again, this is something that the recipient will be able to enjoy over and over again, and if they can see that you are truly appreciative of whatever it was they did for you with their own eyes, it will make them feel great.

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