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Glass Shower Enclosures

Glass shower cabins are a real standard of convenience and functionality. Glass enclosures are also very popular. Externally, they are very aesthetic, have increased durability, and fit into the interior of the bathroom just perfectly.

Nowadays it is possible to order a custom glass shower enclosure following individual sizes, allowing it to be perfectly integrated into a specific niche. Mercury Glass&Mirror sells such products in Miami, Florida on the most favorable terms. Only in this company can you purchase products of proven quality at attractive prices. The designs of shower enclosures offered by Mercury Glass&Mirror are carefully thought out and worked out taking into account the needs of customers, and therefore strictly comply with all applicable requirements for safe operation.

The Main Advantages Of Glass Shower Enclosures

This is the solution that allows you to safely send bulky, boring interiors into the past. Loft and minimalism styles are coming to the fore today. Most customers prefer them. Naturally, this is also reflected in the design of the bathroom. Glass doors and enclosures can make the atmosphere more airy and will not make it heavier. Thus, we can safely say that the organization of space reaches a fundamentally new level and allows you to provide the highest degree of comfort.

Sliding glass enclosures allow you to save space. They are represented by a wide range of configurations and can be equipped with doors – one or two, angular, trapezoidal, etc.

Mercury Glass & Mirror uses various glass options in its work. The intensity of mounting, if required, can also be selected, so that the customer acts as a designer. Completely transparent shower enclosures are also in demand. They effectively transmit light and thus eliminate the lack of illumination. For their manufacture, only high-strength tempered glass is used, which will withstand mechanical damage. During operation, no scratches or cracks form on it.

Why Glass Shower Enclosures Are In High Demand

The main advantages of such products are:

  • The ability to use them even in the smallest rooms to divide the space into zones;
  • Less massive appearance compared to shower cabins;
  • The ability to take into account the preferences of the customer in the individual manufacture of glass enclosures;
  • Ensuring the protection of walls and floors from moisture ingress;
  • Durability and ease of maintenance, which ensures a long service life;
  • Excellent sound insulation;
  • The possibility of installation at any time, including at the repair stage.

To mount a glass shower enclosure, it is not necessary to align the walls perfectly beforehand. In any case, such a solution will look beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, and modern, and will fit into any design.

A Wide Selection Of Glass Shower Enclosures

Structurally, such devices can be different. They are classified into frame and frameless, and suitable solutions are selected taking into account the budget and bathroom area. The quality of the raw materials used is of great importance. Ideally, it should be tempered glass, the thickness of which is 8 mm. Such glass enclosures are safe and almost impossible to break. Even if this happens, the tempered glass crumbles into safe fragments.

The Right Choice Of Door Options For Glass Enclosures

There are several models of similar products, which, however, are not always installed. Separate glass shower enclosures are made without doors at all, this option is appropriate in a small bathroom. If there is still a need for a door, then it is better to pay attention to sliding doors. They move like the doors of a wardrobe and fit perfectly into small dimensions. Swing enclosures are also in demand. They are chosen by the happy owners of a large bathroom. In addition, you can choose an accordion door, the design and shape of which resembles blinds.

Hinges, special seals, connectors, and stabilizing rods – all these devices are made very elegant, they definitely should not be massive. Ideally, chrome, nickel, and brass are used for the manufacture of fittings, which also fit into almost any interior design.

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