How To Reduce Your Utility Costs

How To Reduce Your Utility Costs

When winter rolls around, many households get caught out with expensive utility bills. It can be disheartening – even though you have kept the heating off whenever you can, you still have to pay a large chunk of your wage toward energy bills.

However, there are ways to reduce your energy costs. If you’re looking to save some money, here is what you can do to reduce your utility costs.

Improve Insulation

Instead of switching on the heating every chance you get, consider how well insulated your home is. An insulated home will stay warmer throughout the winter, ensuring that you do not have to blast the thermostat every hour of the day. Be sure to close doors, cover drafts, and invest in double or triple-glazed windows for optimal insulation.

Don’t forget about your garage door! While your garage may be a separate part of the home, heat can still escape there. Luckily, you can find stylish up & over doors that prioritize thermal insulation to ensure the garage (and the rest of the home) stay as warm as possible.

Adjust Your Fridge & Freezer Temps

Have you paid any attention to the temperature of your fridge and freezer? If not, now is the time to do so. By switching your fridge and freezer temperatures to the most efficient temp, you can save money on your energy bill.

Take Short Showers

Long, hot showers will quickly increase your utility bills, so one way to reduce them is to take shorter showers. If you routinely spend twenty-thirty minutes in the shower, you can easily cut it down to fifteen or even ten! For those with large families, everyone cutting down on their showering time will make an enormous difference to the bills.

Heat One Room At A Time

If you tend to stick to one room, there is no point in heating the entire house. Instead, switch the heating on for the areas you frequent the most, whether that’s the kitchen, lounge, or bedroom.

Let Your Clothes Air Dry

The dryer uses a lot of energy. In fact, it’s one of the most expensive machines to use in your home! That’s why letting your clothes air dry is such a useful way of reducing your utility bills. This is much easier in the summer when the sunshine is out – simply hang the clothes on a clothes horse or washing line and allow the natural warmth to dry them.

Wrap Up Warm

You have probably been told this time and time again, but it’s so important that it’s worth mentioning. When the cold hits, you might be tempted to switch the heating up to the max straight away. Instead of doing this, wrap up warm. Your body will naturally warm up with more layers, and you won’t have to switch the heating on until it gets truly cold, saving you money on energy.

Set A Heating Timer

Putting the heating on at all hours of the day might seem ideal in the middle of winter, but you don’t need it switched on all of the time. It will just waste money. Instead, set a timer so that the heating is on when you need it the most. For example, you could put it on thirty minutes before you wake up and thirty minutes before you arrive home from work.

Switch Electrics Off

Many people get used to leaving their electrics plugged in and switched on. Does your PlayStation or PC really need to run while you’re in the shower or eating your dinner, though? Get into the better habit of switching electrics off fully when they aren’t getting used to save utility money.

Use LED Bulbs

If you are not using LED bulbs at this point, it is time to hop on the trend. They are much better than the average bulb for energy usage – using around 75% less energy! If you like to keep your lights on, this can make a big difference to your monthly energy bill.

Get An Energy Audit

You might not know how much you’re spending each day when you put the kettle on and load up the dishwasher. By getting an energy audit, you can determine which areas are costing the most and, in turn, where you should cut back.

Saving money on utility bills can seem like an uphill battle. Luckily, the advice above can make a real difference to the price of your bills, helping you save more money throughout the year.

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