How To Make Your Summer Vacation More Memorable? Educating Yourself Is The Key

How To Make Your Summer Vacation More Memorable

It always seems that summer vacations just fly by, and the next thing you know, you are back at work, reliving your day to day routine. This is why it’s important to try your best to make your vacations as memorable as possible, so you can think back to them during those cold winter months. But how can you ensure you achieve this?

Some travel experts say that using your vacation as an educational opportunity can lead you to remember much more of what you did while you were away from home. You tend to retain more information when you are making an effort to learn something new.

One way to do this is to try your best to stay out of common tourist locations. Bryan Mullennix the owner of Feeling Vegas suggests you try and be more like a local. “If you want to make your trip educational, then you should be looking at staying in less popularized locations. I’m not saying you should venture into unsafe or unknown places, but simply become more familiar with where the locals tend to buy their groceries or go out to eat. I find you discover a lot more about the area you’re in, and you tend to meet some really interesting people.”

Mullennix says doing this tends to become easier if you are staying in a place for longer than just a few days. “If you want to make sure you are getting a more local experience, it helps to book a couple of nights in a more popular place and then talk to locals about the best “outside” destination to discover. You can then change where you stay and venture into a more historic part of the city. I find this tends to be a more memorable part of your trip because of the connections you can make. Staying in a hostel is also a good way to do this as you might meet other travelers who have the same mindset as you, or they might be able to teach you even more about the area you’re staying in.”

Sometimes even the hostel owners have other great recommendations for hidden gems which will be something you’ll be able to think back on years down the road. Another educational experience to consider is to learn something new each time you’re on a summer vacation.

“You should always try something new when you’re away from the comfort of your own home.” Says Allen King the CEO of Aqua Surf. “Vacations shouldn’t always be about relaxation in my opinion. If you want to be able to vividly remember your trips, then you need to have a bit more excitement and adrenaline mixed in there. Summer vacations are a great opportunity to go scuba diving, hike up a volcano, learn how to ride a motorbike or try some water sports. Learning a new skill is something you can take with you even after your trip is over which is why it makes it a much more memorable experience.”

What can make this even more enjoyable is sharing this experience with your friends or family. “I love picking something to do on vacation that others want to do with me. You can take pictures or videos and it’s something you can talk about years down the road. And if you really liked it, it could end up being a hobby you take back home with you.”

Something else to consider when it comes to making memorable vacation experiences is to try and visit some museums while you’re on vacation. Museums are great places to venture into to learn more about the place you are visiting. Many museums offer free or discounted viewings if you go at a certain time during the week. There are also often discounts for children, students or seniors which can make this a more affordable way to spend a day making memories.

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