How To Live In A Campervan

How To Live In A Campervan

Camping for an extended period in close quarters can be a lot more difficult than you might think. There are loads of things to consider and prepare for, from the best type of vehicle (the campervan) to packing. That’s not even counting the most important piece — your partner in crime. How do you best share these tight quarters with the one person in this world that you can’t live without?

This post will tell you everything about choosing a campervan.

1. Choosing A Campervan

Choosing the right vehicle is quite the task given how many different options there are out there. There are campervans, and then there are converted trucks or station wagons to be considered.

What is a campervan? These vehicles generally fall under one of two categories: they’re either brand new or converted vans like the Ford Transit that have been made into campers. The main factors to consider when choosing one of these babies — aside from cost — are size and suitability for conversion. Talking about cost, Auto Finance Online provides a loan calculator that will provide you with a good idea of just how much a loan will cost.

2. Suitability For Conversion

The type of conversion that you choose to do on your vehicle will depend on several factors, the most important one being where you will be doing most of your camping. If you plan on staying at campgrounds or using public parking lots often, a long-wheelbase campervan is ideal; campervans can play nice in those spots (they are generally allowed at campgrounds and in public parking lots). They’re also generally easier to drive, given their larger size and weight. However, if you do plan on spending a lot of time off-road or in more remote spots — let’s say that lovely mountain lake you’ve heard about — then a short-wheelbase van may be better suited to your needs.

A converted van is better suited to travel off-road, so it’s ideal for those of us who enjoy these types of adventures.

3. Choosing A Campervan As A First-Time Vehicle Purchase

Buying a new vehicle can be scary, especially if you’re new to vehicles altogether. To alleviate some of that anxiety, here are a few important items to keep in mind when considering purchasing your very first campervan.

Get ready for sticker shock. Keep in mind that you will probably pay the most money up-front for this type of vehicle. You’re essentially buying a car and a camper at the same time. Keep in mind that your purchase will depreciate over time, especially if you plan on taking your new vehicle off-road.

Only buy your campervan from a reputable source. Several companies build these vehicles, and some are much better than others when it comes to quality and customer service. Research each company before buying to make sure that they’re ethical, financially stable, and produce high-quality products.

Choosing the right vehicle for camping can be quite daunting. There are so many different models and options out there that you may find yourself feeling a little overwhelmed when it comes to finding the perfect campervan that fits your style and budget.

Remember, especially if you’re new to owning vehicles and camping, that your campervan purchase will depreciate over time, so it’s important to choose a reliable, high-quality vehicle that will last longer than your initial investment.

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