How To Get Your Plumbing Ready For The Fall

Plumbing Ready For The Fall

As the temperature gets cooler in the fall, issues in your plumbing system may start coming out. A fall plumbing emergency would be the last thing you want to happen in your home. To make sure your system stays in good working order throughout the season, do not forget to perform a few routine maintenance tasks before the cold autumn wind blows. Follow these helpful plumbing tips to get your home safe and ready for the new season:

Insulate Exposed Pipes Around Your Home

One of the most important plumbing preparation tasks you have to remember for the cold season is to add insulation to your pipes. Frozen pipes are a common occurrence in fall and winter, which can lead to a major water leak in your home. Focus on insulating water pipes located outside your home or in unheated spaces.

Disconnect Your Garden Hoses

Since you won’t have to do a lot of lawn watering in the fall, it would be best to disconnect your outdoor water hose. Any leftover water in your garden hose can freeze and expand, resulting in pipe bursting in your home.

Drain Your Water Heater

Start draining your water heater to ensure its quality performance throughout the cold season. If your water heater is no longer heating water properly in your home, fall would be the best time to schedule a replacement. You surely do not want to go through the freezing winter months with a faulty heater.

Call A Licensed Plumber To Check Your Plumbing

Plumbing systems can have issues that would be hard for the average homeowner to detect. To fix major plumbing issues in your home, you should not hesitate to call a licensed and skilled plumber. Remember to schedule a professional home plumbing repair before it gets any colder out there. Book a fall plumbing service now!

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