How To Flatten Area Rugs Without Any Dents?

How To Flatten Area Rugs

Probably, you have found a perfect area rug for your space and are surfing around to know how to flatten an area rug. Purchasing a new area rug is exciting, but what if you get to know that the rug is completely bent, wrinkled, curled, or otherwise rather than lying flat. Since the rug has been rolled up for some time, it may require a bit of knowledge to lie flat again.

Best Ways To Flatten Area Rugs

If you have just received your area rug, you must be wondering how to flatten it. Of course, you are. That’s why you are here. Before reaching you, a rug must have been stored for quite a long time, rolled up, or folded. To help you flatten a new rug, we’ve mentioned the best ways to do so.

Ripples – Let It Settle

This is the easiest one. Once you have unrolled a rug, there are chances that it may have ripples in it. Smooth it as flat and leave it for a day or so for the fibers to relax on their own. In some rugs, patience is the key to flattening an area rug. Also, placing it on a hard floor will fetch better results.

Reverse Roll The Rug

If the rug was rolled right-side-in and curls upward continuously, you should reverse roll it. Just roll it right-side out and eave it for a while then, unroll it again. It may take two days or three to lay flat properly.

Corners Are Tough

There are times when corners won’t lie flat even when the rest of the rug is. In this case, you need to check in which way the corners are curling because this will decide your next step. To flatten corners, fold them under if they are curling upward. Leave it for a day or two. But if they are already curled under, flip the rug over and curl the corners under or simply keep a heavy object near each corner for a day or so to relax the carpet fibers.

Calls For Ironing

Now that you have tried all the simple options and still your rug isn’t flattening, help yourself by ironing the curled areas on a low setting. Remember to use a barrier between the heat of the iron and the rug.

Use Hair Dryer

If the heat from an iron didn’t work, or you just want to avoid the potential damage to your area rug, MAT Living suggests using a hairdryer. Use the dryer on the backside of the rug gently. Remember not to hold the dryer closely as you must keep the distance of at least six to nine inches between the dryer and the rug. Also, never hold the dryer steady in one position only, always keep moving it.

How To Remove Dents From A Rug?

It’s heartbreaking to discover that the rug bent. Whether it’s a new rug or an old one that has been rolled and folded, you must be curious to know about the methods you can do to get your rug looking like a new one. Here are a few steps that you need to follow to remove dents from a rug:

  1. Cover the dent with an ice cube: You need to cover the dent with ice cubes. Use as many ice cubes as needed to cover the entire surface area of the dents.
  2. Wait: After covering it with the ice cubes, you have to wait anywhere around one hour or so, depending on the size of your dent.
  3. Remove excess moisture: Now, you need to remove excess moisture by dabbing your rug with a towel, once the ice has been melted.
  4. Fluff up the fibers in the rug: The last step is to fluff up the compressed fibers in the rug, using your fingers or a fork. Also, vacuuming over the surface is a great way to be sure that all the moisture is out of the rug and that the fibers are back to their own life.

Now you know how to flatten a rug and remove dents, you can make use of these tips to make sure that all the rugs in your home look great.

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