How To Find A Good Dog Breeder

How To Find A Good Dog Breeder

When you’re ready to find your next dog companion, you want to make sure you choose a reputable breeder who cares for their animals well. A breeder can answer all of your questions and give you tips for how to care for your new pet. Here are some ways to make sure your breeder is responsible and trustworthy.

Ask For Referrals

Whether you are looking for certified german shepherd puppies or a large great dane, you need to ask friends, family and local veterinarians for breeder recommendations. This is the quickest way to find breeders who are trustworthy. Local kennel clubs are another valuable resource to help you find the exact breeder who raises the type of dog you desire.

Visit The Breeder

Taking a trip to visit the breeder you have found is a crucial step to ensure you have found people who care for their dogs. You can see for yourself the type of environment they are being raised in and you will be able to meet the parents. A good breeder will be knowledgeable about the dogs they are selling and treat them as members of the family.

Check Out References

A responsible breeder will have references readily available upon request. Previous families who have purchased a puppy are an excellent resource. You can ask them how their experience has been since they bought their dog. This can help you discover the temperament of previous dogs and if any health problems have occurred.

Ask For Papers

When you pick up your puppy, make sure you have documentation of the pedigree and registration papers in your name. You should also have a contract that guarantees the health of the pup. If problems arise, the breeder should offer a full refund.

Take the time to research and find an excellent breeder so you can enjoy a healthy and happy dog for its entire lifetime.

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