How To Encourage Art In A Gifted Child A Guide For Parents

Encourage Art In A Gifted Child

When you have a gifted child, it can be hard to ensure that they are enriched in their education, even if they are attending a school aimed at gifted children.

This is why so many parents turn their attention to investing in art. Art and gifted children usually go hand in hand, as art provides a creative outlet for children who may be bogged under with math work or other academic subjects. And oddly, art is not as encouraged in gifted schools as many feel it should be.

So, how can you encourage your gifted child to unwind with art?

Giving The Supplies

Providing them with access to art supplies and materials, such as paints, markers, and clay, can help your child to develop their own artistic style and to find their favorite materials to paint with.

It can also be worth investing some money into art supplies like stencils, which you can buy at


Next, it is worth exposing them to different types of art and artists through visits to museums, galleries, and art shows. You can also help them by enrolling them in art classes or workshops that cater to gifted children. This can help them to socialize and to learn new art techniques from other children and their teachers. It can also encourage them to experiment with different mediums and techniques, such as sculpture, printmaking, and digital art.

Positive Encouragement

Art is indeed a subjective medium for creativity. So, even if your child is cherishing an art piece that looks odd to you, you can and should provide positive reinforcement and acknowledge their creativity and hard work. This will help them to feel pride in what they have created and can also help you to bond with them. Even if they have an IQ of 158, they are still kids, and you will still need to have a bond with them!


Some parents can take this step a bit too far. Art is not about winning medals and rosettes but rather about showing off an interpretation of the world. Research opportunities in your local area wherein your child will have the ability to showcase their work and participate in art competitions and exhibitions. Once again, this will help them to feel confident in themselves and will go a long way towards immersing them in the world of artistic creation.

No Pressure!

If your child is gifted, chances are that they may feel under pressure to be the best at everything. The focus of the artistic outlet is to help them to decompress. So, encourage them to learn and explore their artistic skills by themselves and do not force them to do something they don’t like. Take a step back and, if necessary, provide them with guidance but do not live through your child or children.

Overall, it’s important to support and nurture your child’s natural curiosity and creativity and to provide them with opportunities to explore and express themselves through art. So, be supportive and have fun seeing what creations they make.

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