How To Differentiate Wheat & Chaff When Choosing A Reliable Residential Contractor

Choosing A Reliable Residential Contractor

Building a home is among the best and biggest investments for most people. With so much at stake, it’s only reasonable that they want to entrust their project to a reliable residential contractor. But plenty of builders make promises of quality and reliability.

So, are you wondering how to choose a reliable plumber from the sea of options? Keep reading to find out.

Get Recommendation 

Word of mouth is among the best ways to narrow down your choice. Ask around from friends, friends, neighbors, and colleagues. You can even look for a house that resembles your envisioned design, talk to the owner, and ask for the recommendation of their contractor. That way, you can be sure they have the experience building what you need.

If you want a custom home, talking to neighbors or colleagues with custom homes for recommendations can prove helpful. Usually, if they like the contractor’s work, they will be more than happy to share their contact. If they don’t like an aspect of them, most will be willing to tell you, and you can avoid wasting your energy and resources.

Interview Multiple Contractors

Obtaining multiple bids from at least three residential contractors can help you settle for the most reliable one. The bidding process will give you an idea of the fair market price, and you can negotiate better. It also provides a window to review various offerings and additions that may benefit your project.

Ensure you ask lots of questions about all the aspects of homebuilding. For example, you can ask and verify if they have a valid license and insurance. While a contractor may cost less, they might not have insurance coverage, which can put you at legal risk in an accident.

According to The National Safety Council, the cost of medical compensation due to construction accidents stood at $49,971 on average. That’s money you can’t afford to lose. Ensure the contractors have insurance cover to protect you from the unforeseen.

Find Out If That Contractor Is A Member Of An Appropriate Trade Association

Members of trade associations are often reputable contractors. The sketchy ones will usually refrain from joining any. These trade associations have a strict code of conduct to which all their members must adhere. They also have strict joining criteria and complaint procedures that sieve the rogue ones.

They protect their reputation and the customers that hire their contractors. You can check for reputable trade associations on the Center for Environmental Excellence or Yellow Pages.

Check Their Portfolio

You can start by checking their portfolio when you narrow down to a few options. This is where you look at what they have built previously and judge if it fits excellent work. A portfolio also lets you see if the residential contractor has experience.

A diverse residential contractor should have different architectural designs. These range from colonial-style homes and the Mediterranean revival to contemporary and transitional designs. The more comprehensive the range, the better equipped they are to handle your custom designs and bring your dream home to life. An extensive portfolio indicates years of experience, since building too many homes fast is nearly impossible.

Ask To Meet Their Team & Subcontractors

Residential construction is not a one-person job. A team is usually behind everything from design actualization and 3D rendering to bricklaying and electricity installation. Some of these professionals are in-house, while others are subcontractors.

When interviewing the contractors, ask them to meet their team and subcontractors. While you don’t have to meet all their subcontractors, you can request that they take you through their process of choosing one. For instance, you can ask them to explain their procedure for how to choose a reliable plumber. Such information helps you evaluate the competence and quality of employees.


Reputable and reliable residential contractors are gems and lifesavers. They will actualize your plans and save you a lot of problems. But they are difficult to find. However, with this brief guide, you can expertly narrow your choices and get the best one. But why go through all the hassle? Contact Gilmore Heating, Air Conditioning, and Plumbing for guaranteed top-notch service.

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