How Recycling Old Phones Saves Energy

Recycling Old Phones Saves Energy

Energy efficiency has gradually become the cornerstone of sustainability. Its role in reducing environmental pollution and natural resource wastage has contributed to multiple new policies that have redefined this space. However, the biggest issue is how recycling old phones has helped redefine energy efficiency. Here are a few ways industries improve energy efficiency by recycling old phones.

Phone Manufacturing

Phone manufacturing consumes significant energy, especially if the process starts from scratch. This energy is used to process or manufacture different phone parts, including refining various metals used to create accessories.

Various aspects require energy when manufacturing a phone. For instance, different metals must be refined and soldered on the motherboard, requiring significant power. Electricity is also used to shape various materials. You can avoid this by first searching for ecoATMs near me.

In contrast, recycling a phone saves enough energy to power a laptop for 44 hours. Various statistics show that approximately 130 million phones are thrown away yearly. This figure shows the amount of energy saved annually could power over 24000 in a year.

Resource Mining

Your mobile phone requires multiple minerals to function correctly, from copper, lithium, and cobalt to manganese, tungsten, and tellurium. The only way to get these minerals is by exploiting them, which consumes significant energy.

Exploiting minerals requires various technologies, machines, and vehicles. All these elements need fuel, whether fossil or electricity. The amount wasted while mining the minerals could be invested in other meaningful ventures.

Further, raw minerals are not suitable for phone manufacturing. They must undergo significant refinement, which consumes energy too. When done repetitively, the energy used could be way too much.

You can avoid this problem by recycling your phone. It eliminates the need to mine new mineral resources. Suppose you want to help with this. In that case, you should ask, what is ecoATM?

Waste Collection & Management

Excellent waste disposal, collection, and management are vital for enhanced energy conservation. They also contribute to sustainability, a subject that multiple organizations seek to achieve.

Recycling your phone eliminates the need for some waste collection or management aspects. There will be fewer fossil fuels used to go to the collection sites. You can attribute this to the minimal machines and vehicles used in the waste collection process.

Recycling your phone should be a priority as you look forward to saving energy and minimizing environmental pollution. This option could eliminate the need for constant mineral mining and environmental pollution when done correctly.

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