How Long Do Idiots Live 12-15 (2023) A TikTok Meme Trend!

How Long Do Idiots Live

It comes as no surprise that many memes, challenges, background music, and special effects go viral on Tik Tok all the time! The huge audience on the platform watches and shares memes that, in no time, become a trend that goes on for several weeks or even months. 

Social media as a whole, not just Tik Tok, has recently seen a new trend that has been becoming popular among users.

You must’ve heard the phrase, “how long do idiots live.” This trend immensely gained popularity in 2021, and now in 2023, it returned with a new trend. Read on to learn everything about this trend, how it emerged and what the trend is all about. 

Popular Tik Tok Trend – How Long Do Idiots Live

One of the 2021 TikTok trends was “How long do idiots live.” A google search for “How long do idiots live?” revealed that they survive for 12 to 15 years. An actual joke. People utilized it to create humorous TikTok movies for their friends and family members who were between the ages of 12 and 15.

Cardi B’s voice was largely the background music in these TikTok videos. It was a pleasure to have you this year, ladies and gentlemen, as Cardi B remarked in a video. I’ll see you then or never. Cardi then laughed ironically.

Another Trend Taken Over In 2023

The next version of the same style as “how long do idiots live” debuted in 2023 and became more well-liked. People created a TikTok with a 12- to 15-year-old they wanted to portray as stupid in the new trend “I will never forget you.” The background music for the videos was “Never forget you” by Zara Larsson and MNEK.

By writing the words “I will never forget you” to the person they thought was stupid, people created these TikTok films. It was especially fun with the song “Never forget you.” Since fools only survive until they are in their early teens, it meant that the person in the video would soon pass away.

The Bottom Line

Everyone knows you’re witty enough to roll it off. Some delicate folks won’t, though. Due to the sensitive matter, they may suffer as a result, and we surely don’t want to damage anyone with a stupid meme.

We only wanted to let you know about the famous meme – “how long do idiots live” not to take it seriously because you are not naive. Additionally, memes are everywhere. There is still a very long and fruitful life ahead of you all. As you are, you are perfect.

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