How Important Is Typhoid Vaccine For Adults While Traveling?

Typhoid Vaccine For Adults

Travelling is the way of life, but what happens when it comes in the form of enjoying life? Did you know travelling without proper vaccination can be dangerous or even fatal? If you are travelling with senior citizens, you inevitably know how vital the typhoid vaccine is for adults while travelling.

What Is A Typhoid Vaccination

Typhoid vaccination is an antidote that helps prevent typhoid fever. Typhoid vaccination is highly recommended and even mandatory when travelling to high-risk countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

An Overview Of Thyphod Fever

A bacterial infection spreads quickly through the body and affects major organs. Failing to treat appropriately, there can be fatal complications.


The common cause of typhoid fever is Salmonella typhi, a bacteria related to salmonella. The bacteria reside in the faeces of the infected person. Suppose the infected person fails to wash their hands properly after using the toilet. In that case, they may contaminate any food they touch, passing on the infection to anyone who eats it.

Other Ways The Travellers Can Get Infected:

  • Using a contaminated toilet and not washing their hands properly.
  • Touching food or mouth with contaminated hands.
  • Eating seafood that may be contaminated.
  • Eating raw vegetables that may be contaminated with bacteria.
  • Having a sexual encounter with an infected person.

Typhoid Vaccine: What You Need To Know

Two kinds of people may spread the bacteria: one who is the carrier but isn’t infected yet, and the other who is actively ill with typhoid fever. Once the bacteria enters the bloodstream, it will quickly spread through the body, making the carrier sick. It can be a life-threatening disease if not treated in time.

The most common symptoms of typhoid fever are weakness, fever, stomach ache, cough, and constipation—loss of appetite, diarrhea and headache. If left untreated, the fevers can last up to months. To treat typhoid, doctors usually suggest antibiotics. However, there is preventive care, such as typhoid vaccination.

When travelling to countries where typhoid is common, one must get vaccinated. These countries include parts of East and Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, South America, and Africa. When caught early, typhoid fever is easily controlled and remedied with medications at home. For travellers, however, the most effective precaution against typhoid fever is the typhoid vaccination, which comes in two forms.

1. Typhoid Vaccine Injection

Ideally, adults are given the typhoid vaccination injection because it’s swift and highly effective when travelling. It’s given to children and adults over two years. Only one dose will suffice, but travellers need to get the dosage 2 to 3 weeks before travelling. Such vaccination stays effective for two years. However, it’s recommended to get repeated vaccinations if you are a frequent traveller.

2. Typhoid Vaccine Oral

Another way to get protection against typhoid is to get an oral vaccination. Oral vaccination is given in series in capsule form. The course of this vaccination should be taken fully one week before travelling. For adults, four doses of the capsule form of vaccine is recommended.

Before administering the vaccination, connect with your health care provider and administer the typhoid vaccinatio under a professional eye to avoid any complications.

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