How Guest Posts Can Help You Rank At The Top Of Google

Guest Posts

Guest posting is all about creating quality backlinks to your website. When you consider that backlinks are one of the best ways to get to the top of Google, they are worth your time and investment.

But how do you go about generating quality guest posts for your website?

For many, attempting to write guest posts is a difficult task. Then there’s the challenge of finding sites with strong domain authority to publish your guest post. It’s an art to create compelling guest post content.

However, there are proven ways you can go about guest posting. If you get it right, you could see your SERPs soar! And, it’s possible to reach the top of Google for relevant search terms for your site.

Let’s explore this concept a little further.

Domain Authority

To get the most out of any guest posts you create, you need to consider domain authority.

The idea is, once you’ve got relevant guest post content, you find a website that’s willing to publish your guest post. Within your guest post will be a link back to your site, hence the term “backlink.”

Google ranks other sites and gives them domain authority. If a site has a high domain authority, it’s because Google recognizes it as a relevant and reliable source of information in its given field.

For example, ranks high in domain authority for health and medical topics. If your site sells medical equipment and were to link to your site in a guest post, your domain authority would rise also. And when this happens, you’re likely to increase SEO rank.

Relevant Content Making

When writing a guest post, it’s vital to make the content relevant to the page you are linking to on your site. You could be selling summer shoes, but it doesn’t make sense to link to summer clothing if the content is about winter fashion.

Google may recognize this inconsistency and decide it’s an irrelevant link. Thus, make your guest post content relevant to what you are linking to on your website.

This also means adding relevant keywords into the guest post, which suggests to Google what the content is about. Relevant title tags are also crucial in the same sense.

By doing this, you create a symbolic relationship with the content and your linking page.

Link Location

If you submit a guest post to another site, you need the link to your site to be in the body of your text. If the link is at the bottom of the page or in some obscure location, Google may see it as irrelevant.

Ensure that when you submit a guest post to a site, you make it clear where you want your link to go. Find another site if the site doesn’t agree with you and wants to throw it in at the bottom of your article.

Anchor Text

Your anchor text is the text you highlight in your article to link to your site. The anchor text should be a relevant word or phrase that indicates to Google, and the reader, the type of content they will be clicking through to.

For instance, if you’re linking to a page on your site about car tires, ensure your anchor text reflects this. You could use the words “best car” as a general example as your linking text.

Guest Post To The Top Of Google

Guest posting to produce backlinks isn’t the only SEO method that will ensure you hit the top of Google. However, it’s one of the most powerful and proven methods in creating better domain authority for your website. And when you have strong domain authority, you often rise in the SERPs.

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