How Do You Build A Pedestal Deck System?

Build A Pedestal Deck System

A pedestal deck system is ideal for installing a deck on an uneven surface without needing timber support posts, cement, or surface leveling. Instead, twist the adjustable head to the desired height and install the deck. Remember to check the pedestal supports’ weight capacity before installing pedestal deck system. After all, you don’t want to end up with a collapsed deck. So how do you build a pedestal deck system?

Building A Pedestal Deck System

A pedestal deck system is an excellent option for a green roof or a water feature. The system conceals the water supply beneath the pedestals, which allows the water to drain to the surface below. You can also install recessed lighting underneath the deck, which improves safety and visibility at night.

Before installing the deck tiles, determine the perimeter of your deck. Then, position the pedestals on the base, forming a “T” pattern. You can use a laser leveling unit or a hand level to check for alignment. Make sure you have two spacer tabs on each pedestal and four on the corners.

Materials To Use

When building a pedestal deck system, you’ll need the best deck building service that uses the best materials to support the structure. Porcelain pavers are one option and are as sturdy as concrete paving blocks. However, if you want to use natural stone on your deck, you’ll need a support grid to keep it level. Wood and bamboo are also viable options, but you’ll need to check the durability of each before deciding on them.

The most common type of pedestal is an adjustable one. Adjustable pedestal systems are designed to be adjustable, providing the greatest amount of flexibility. These systems are constructed of polypropylene, a material that contains 20 percent post-industrial recycled content. They’re also made to withstand a load of 1,250 pounds per pedestal. Adjustable pedestal systems can be adjusted anywhere from 21/4 inches to 36 inches high, and they usually include a pedestal leveler to compensate for the slope.


A pedestal deck system will add height to your deck while saving you considerable money over time. This type of decking system is usually made of polymer, and the supports are typically composed of a wide base with a screwed column at the center and a flat head with built-in paver spacer tabs. These supports are typically used with pedestal decking systems and are available at almost any home improvement or hardware store.

You can buy a pedestal deck system in a variety of heights, and you can mix and match models. Some pedestals are self-leveling, or you can get a screw-jack system to combine them. To determine the right height, you must first determine the total amount of space you want to cover. You will need enough room on each level to install the supports.


If you plan to install a pedestal deck system on your patio, here are a few tips to help you get the job done correctly. First, before installing a pedestal deck, you must determine its maximum span before you start building. You can determine this by using a laser leveling unit or a hand level. Then, once you’ve set the maximum span, fine-tune the elevation of the pedestals along the grid line by twisting the adjust-to-level base.

Place a laser leveling unit at the top of the “T” shaped containment wall. After that, install the pedestals, starting with the middle “T”-shaped tiles. Next, using a hammer, you should remove the spacer tabs atop each pedestal head. Then, place the deck tiles into their “T” shape, filling the area. After the deck tiles are installed, trim the pine trees to flush with the perimeter wall.

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