How Community Banks Promote Diversity In Their Services

Community Banks Promote Diversity

Community banks help to promote diversity by offering a wide range of services, including small business loans, mortgages, and loans for first-time homebuyers. They offer a diverse range of banking products and services. Some community banks loans for every stage in life, including college and car financing, home equity loans, and credit cards.

Here are different ways these community banks have diversified their services to meet their customer’s needs.

Funding Small Business For Young Women Of Color

Citizens Savings Bank and Trust opened in 1871, making it one of the oldest community banks operating today. The bank is headquartered in North Carolina and currently has 5 offices across the state. Citizens Savings Bank prides itself on packaging a wide array of financial products to meet its customer’s needs.

Citizens Savings Bank and Trust offers diversified services, including lending, investments, insurance, and payment processing. They provide a safe, secure, convenient, and friendly banking environment for the citizens and businesses of Hammondsport and its surrounding areas.

If you’re a young woman of color looking for a financial partner to see the potential in your business idea and transform it into an actual business, then you should talk to Citizens Savings Bank and Trust. The bank takes pride in helping young women of color make their dreams come true by funding their businesses. they also give you flexible payment plans to allow you time to grow your business and achieve your dreams.

Funding Educational Dreams

In the past, many young African Americans have been unable to achieve their full academic potential because they could not afford a college education. Mainstream banks haven’t been helpful in facilitating these young people to achieve their goals. However, community banks such as OneUnited Bank headed by Kevin Cohee and his wife Tori Williams have embarked on offering educational programs for young people.

You can access an educational rate with low-interest rates and flexible payment plans from a community bank and fund your educational goals. The banks allow you to take up loans that cover your whole education program without having to drop out. What’s more, you’ll only start paying for these loans when you’re done with school. This saves you the headache of constantly worrying about paying an educational loan before completing your studies.

Furthermore, most community banks offer scholarships to bright students from low-income families. Although not all deserving candidates get the scholarships, the community banks ensure that they sponsor as many students as they can afford. And this makes a difference in society.


Besides offering financial lending and saving services, black-owned community banks offer their customers more diversified services. You can access loans for your small businesses or an educational scholarship to help you achieve your educational goals.

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