Have You Looked At Lookah Bongs Yet?

Have You Looked At Lookah Bongs Yet

Both bongs and dab rigs are methods of ingestion, although they function in distinct ways. Each of them has a certain goal. Dried flower is utilized in bongs, while concentrates and waxes are used in dab rigs.

The cannabinoids are released by burning in bongs. The wax/oil concentration is vaporized by heat in dab rigs. Lookah bongs, elaborate glass bongs, are popping up everywhere. You can have a look at some artistic pieces at and see what looks good for your collection.

What Key Distinctions Exist Between A DAB Rig & A Bong?

Dabbing is a method of consuming marijuana that makes use of cannabis concentrates like wax or oil. A blowtorch is used to heat a nail during the procedure. When wax as well as oil is used and heated, the melted substance or oil rises to the top over the nail and turns into pure vapor.

To Achieve The Ultimate Vaping Experience, The User Inhales The Vapor

You may also utilize a banger, which can be a kind of bowl that attaches to your dab rig’s stem. After heating, the bowl is condensed, then added. In order to improve the vapor’s ability to be sucked through the pipe that holds water as you inhale, a cap is sometimes placed on top of a bowl to manage airflow.

Dry flowers, including tobacco or cannabis, are utilized in bongs. For a constant burn, be sure to ground the plant material evenly. The crushed plant is next put in a bowl that is attached to the bong. The bong, which filters smoke through water to remove impurities and chill it for a smoother dose, may be ignited and used to pull smoke made by the smoker.

What Is Consumed?

The flowers are smoked in bongs after being placed in a bowl, lit using a lighter, and smoked. Cannabis concentrates, often known as dabs, wax, nectar, or oil, are used in dab/oil rigs.

Nail Or Bowl Piece?

A bowl-shaped item is inserted into the joint in bongs. To prepare medicinal plants or flowers for burning with a conventional lighter, they must first be dried. You require a little nail or banger for dab rigs to be able to evaporate a concentrated oil ( or wax.

Typically, they are constructed of titanium, glass, the mineral quartz, ceramic, or other materials. They are fastened to the pipe’s downstream junction. The wax may be placed over it and heated; the heat will cause the wax to evaporate, enabling you to breathe in it via the pipe.

Dab rigs and bongs both use water pipes, thus they work similarly. Only the accessories you use alongside it decide the water pipe’s classification.


The better, surely, the more percolation?

Not in the event of dab rigs, at least. The THC in a dab loses some of its potency when there is too much percolation. The power of the vapor will be diluted if it comes into touch with an excessive amount of water. Because of this, a high-end dab rig will not often include large or elaborate percolators and recyclers.

Contrarily, bongs benefit more from filtration. Every filtering stage, from diffused through stems to triple-stacked hexagonal percs, cools the herb smoke.

It is for this reason that bongs typically feature bigger chambers, additional recyclers, and intricate percolators.


The distinction between dab setups and bongs is determined by size.

For the best filtration and cooling while smoking flowers or dry herbs, you will likely want a bigger glass pipe featuring larger percs and chambers. Lookah bongs are known for being elaborate glass setups, and they come in some artistic designs that you won’t find on other glassware.

You should use a smaller water pipe when smoking concentrates. This is due to the fact that when you burn herbs using a lighter, the resulting smoke may go farther since it is denser and thicker than mist. Additionally, it is significantly hotter.


Despite being smaller, dab/wax rigs are frequently more costly than bong purchases. The reason for this is that you will also need to purchase a dab tool, along with additional items like a light, a nail / banger, as well as a carb cap, in addition to a setup. All of this might add up to a significant cost.

Online head stores like this one provide a broad selection of bongs along with dab rigs at various pricing points. There are heady glassware dab rigs alongside bongs with artistic elaborate design and features all the way through to budget cheap bongs or dab rigs with simple designs, making them both a smoking implement and a work of beauty.

Lookah Bongs

Can I Use The Same Pipes For Water To Smoke Concentrates & Dried Marijuana?

Put an empty bowl on your pipe if you want to burn dried herbs, and a nail or banger if you want to inhale concentrated herbs. However, we highly advise against using the same pipe for water for dry flowers and concentrates.

The flavor you receive from dried herbs is a significantly different form of the flavor from concentrate, which is the reason. Combining the two varieties without completely removing the leftovers from the previous session sometimes results in an unpleasant taste that can reduce how enjoyable smoking is.

Additionally, using various components will make cleaning easier. It may be simpler to swap between wax or herb if you use bowls containing an ash collection or detachable downstem. However, a specific pipe for each drug is preferred for the finest tastes.

Advice On Selecting The Finest Dab Rig

You could find yourself overwhelmed by the variety of dab rigs available if you choose to purchase one. When you are attempting to grasp concepts like nails, domes, and carb caps, this might be overwhelming.

Dab pipes are available in low-cost, basic, high-end, and mid-range models similar to other smoking accessories. Each of these has a number of extra features.

When you get to making a nail or banger, you have the option of selecting ceramics, titanium as a metal quartz, or glass. Your preference has little bearing on taste, despite the fact that you could prefer one material to another. Instead, it just influences the maximum temperature and holding time of your nails/banger.

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