Guide To Getting Car Insurance Quotes In Nova Scotia

Car Insurance Quotes In Nova Scotia

Like in any other province in Canada, you need to purchase adequate coverage for your car in Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia has a no-fault insurance system in place. This doesn’t mean drivers wouldn’t be caught at fault. It means that you need to settle claims directly with your private insurance company.

Nova Scotia’s Office of the Superintendent of Insurance regulates private insurers in the province. So, when you look for affordable car insurance quotes in Nova Scotia, it would be wise to compare rates. Reputed insurance brokers in Nova Scotia, like Surex, can help you find affordable quotes.

How Expensive Is Car Insurance In Nova Scotia?

Thankfully, insuring your automobile in Nova Scotia wouldn’t cost you a fortune. Unlike British Columbia or some other provinces where insurance premiums are extremely high, drivers in Nova Scotia can purchase affordable insurance policies.

On average, car owners in Nova Scotia need to shell out $1,093 annually to protect their cars. However, depending on the optional coverages and add-ons, you purchase.

Car insurance quotes in Nova Scotia are quite affordable, as evident from the following comparisons.

  • Ontario: $1,920 a year
  • British Columbia: $1,428 a year
  • Alberta: $1,368 a year
  • Quebec: $912 a year

How Do Insurance Rates Work In Nova Scotia?

Although you need to purchase car insurance in Nova Scotia from private companies, the NSUARB (Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board) keeps a check on premiums. This board ensures that car owners in the province can enjoy reasonable and fair rates while insuring their cars. However, it’s wise to consult reputed insurance brokers to ensure you purchase the right policy.

Apart from the standard industry rates, the premiums also depend on other factors.

  • Insurance companies consider the vehicle’s model, year, and make while providing you with a quote. Also, you need to factor in the safety features of your car and its susceptibility to damage.
  • Your driving habits determine the risk exposure of your car. Besides, you might use the car frequently, daily, occasionally, or for local rides around the city. The purpose of ownership largely determines the premium.
  • Among other factors, insurers factor in your driving record. The age of your driving license, accidents, and speeding ticket records can make a difference in your car insurance Nova Scotia quotes.
  • The locality you reside determines the premiums. So, the rates would differ in Halifax, Antigonish, and Sydney.
  • When you look beyond the mandatory insurance coverage benefits, you might settle for several optional coverages and add-ons. While this might increase your premiums, you would benefit in case of an accident.

How Can You Get Affordable Car Insurance Quotes In Nova Scotia?

As a car owner, it pays to make informed decisions with complete knowledge of car insurance rates. This implies that you must reach out to several top insurers and obtain the best auto insurance quotes Nova Scotia has to offer.

With a reputed insurance broker to assist you, you can obtain multiple quotes within minutes. The experts would ask for details regarding your car, driving record, and other aspects. Once you furnish the details, they will offer you customized quotes. Moreover, if you are in a dilemma regarding which insurer to proceed with, the brokers will help you decide.

Once you receive a basic quote, you can still customize your insurance policies before finalizing your decisions. Here’s how you can customize your policy.

  • Find out better discounts by consulting your broker. Insurance companies often provide discounts on various grounds. For example, you might get a no-claims discount if you haven’t made insurance claims in the past. Similarly, you can undergo a defensive motor training course for a 5-10% discount.
  • Evaluate your coverage and compare it to your needs. If you feel you would not need comprehensive coverage and third-party insurance along with collision coverage would be enough, there’s no point increasing your insurance bills.
  • Increase the deductible to lower your quote. However, a higher deductible would mean you shell out more out-of-pocket costs in case of an accident. This is advisable for drivers with a clean record who are not likely to get into an accident.
  • Go for some additional coverages like collision and zero depreciation.

How Can You Save On Your Car Insurance Premiums?

Of course, you have ways to cut down your car insurance premiums. However, it would be wise to adhere to the broker’s advice as no driver would want to expose their car to risk.

  • Comparing rates is a holy-grail rule when it comes to shopping for insurance. Reach out to a reliable broker who would provide multiple quotes and try to negotiate for the one with the best value for money.
  • To keep your premiums low, buy a low-risk car. Luxury or expensive cars involve high premiums as they are more susceptible to theft.
  • Choose the same insurer to cover all your vehicles to take advantage of the multi-vehicle discount. If the insurer offers home insurance, it would be wise to consider the same (if you do not have it yet). This would further lower your overall insurance cost.
  • For older vehicles, don’t go for collision coverage.
  • Try to maintain a clean driving history. Claim-free years can further help to reduce your insurance premiums.
  • There is no point in submitting a claim if the associated repair costs are lower than the deductible you’d need to shell out. Avoiding unnecessary claims would portray you as a low-risk client to insurers.
  • Try and maintain high credit scores. Although it doesn’t directly affect your rates, insurers do consider your credit habits while finalizing a quote for you.


As a car owner in Nova Scotia, you should feel fortunate to benefit from reasonably low premiums. Drivers habitually consult insurance brokers to take their advantage to a level forward. Why not purchase the best coverage to ensure maximum benefits? Why not benefit from discounts available for your vehicle?

Reputed automobile insurance brokerages can help you narrow down your options. With professional guidance, you can select the best policy that fits your car.

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